Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MORT’s meanderings

Att: U. S. Government:
I will define myself, thank you.
I do not need to be told by this Administration that if I disagree with any of its policies, I am unpatriotic. That’s a crock. Got that, Mr. President?  Got that, Government spokespeople?
Don’t  question my patriotism, especially if you have not worn the uniform in our Armed Forces as I have. I am a native-born citizen of the United States of America, with all the freedoms and rights reserved for me under The Constitution - and I will not permit myself to be defined by any Government employee whom I’ve hired remotely but, whose salary I pay directly with my tax dollars..
If I don’t agree with same-sex marriage or LGBT legislation, I don’t want to hear any crap about being homophobic.  Get that straight. You can go whistle a show tune.
If I express a belief that Affirmative Action is no longer valid - that it is an outdated program, it does not mean that I deserve to be categorized as a racist.  I am entitled to my opinion. It’s called a First Amendment right – and it has nothing to do with skin color.
If I do not agree with another person regarding their religion or politics – that does not mean that I am a bigot or that I am prejudiced.  It is called, ‘a different point of view’.
That said however, the manner in which I comport myself during civil discourse has everything to do with how my attitudes are perceived.  If I were to use profanity or become vehement  in putting forth my views, then I become fair game for being ‘categorized’ by the individuals with whom I am in discussion.  And  rightly so; no argument there.
However, so long as I remain civil, I shall take exception to being negatively characterized by spokespeeps for this Administration whether elected or appointed, or anyone in the news or broadcast media, who attempts to plunk me into one of those undesirable categories.
Are we clear?  Are we crystal clear?
MORT KUFF   © 6-26-2013

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