Sunday, July 14, 2013

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The Presidency of the United States:  A terrible thing to waste.
First, there was the campaigning, with all the noble-sounding rhetoric that so thinly disguised Barack Hussein Obama’s divisive racism and all the blatantly unAmerican clap-trap.   Blah, blah, blah.

Do you recall all his air-hopping around the nation with the omnipresent Teleprompters? Remember his leaping onto the speaker’s platform, then  bounding  to the podium in his shirtsleeves as if to demonstrate his youthful vigor?  Remember all that big-toothed, phony ear-to-ear smiling; all that poisonous prattle about ‘rich vs poor’; all that chatter about hope & change & redistribution of wealth; all that anti-big business unfairness B.S. -  and all that non-stop haranguing about the policies of then President George Bush -- on and on?  Then, he was elected.  Then, the promise of ‘transparent’ government suddenly became the most ‘opaque’ government ever to gain power over this nation. No one of us has been spared the corrosive effects of those first four years of Obama’s Toxic-Era tyranny.  

Then unbelievably, thanks to voter fraud on steroids, the worst possible scenario for our nation was enacted – Barack Hustler Obama was reelected to a second term as the nation’s chief rodent in the District of Corruption, by 51% of the voting public who could see nothing but the color of his skin..  ‘Four more years’ promised more arrogance, attitude, ineptitude, corruption, self-hate, emasculation of our Armed Forces, debasing of morals across the entire spectrum of American life and the total shredding of our free-enterprise system that has laid waste to our once-robust economy.  Repeated pronouncements trumpeting the willful abandonment of this nation’s preeminent position of world leadership that had been recognized universally for more than a century, made it quite clear that we were now a nation in decline.  A nation that is no longer willing to lead but rather, a nation that is content to settle back and consume itself with its wasteful, suicidal appetites.  Obama proudly termed it, ‘Leading from behind’.   His motto: Waste R us!   “Waster-in-Chief” Obama has wasted our once proud traditions, he has wasted our exceptionalism and he has wasted our very national will.  What’s left to waste?  

Unfortunately, our future is what’s left to waste.  What we are facing is as barren and as bleak as anything we’ve faced as a people, since that handful of courageous Colonists decided they’d had a bellyful of King George III’s tyranny.  Well, thanks to the most incompetent excuse for a president ever to occupy the White House, we now face an immediate future with the horrific prospect of trying to survive total obliteration at the hands of America’s growing list of enemies.  That list includes both long-standing enemies and those newly-created by this re-elected, “Waster-in-Chief”.  

Our efforts will be further complicated by the burden of a national debt so incalculable that it is simply unrealistic to imagine we can ever climb out from under it.  And most discouraging of all, we are now obliged to  embark on the task of preserving our freedoms and our Constitution, with a population that has been rendered into a state of stinking, rotting decay by the lunatic Left’s tool-of-choice, the opiate of mass bribery called, ‘entitlement programs’. Plus an assortment of thievery at the Executive level.

And, that ain’t all - The most egregious of all Obama’s wastefulness, is his wasting of our national honor.   That is the most terrible thing to waste.  It is inexcusable; it is unforgivable.

MORT KUFF  © 7-12-2013

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