Sunday, February 7, 2010

Obama Lies To America

More Lies caught on tape. Barry was firmly cemented in that Racist Church with his Wife.
Punish these Marxist Politically!

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Teresa said...

BO is such a freaking liar. The fact that he was/is willing to go on shows like Olbermann displays just how low class a person that he really is.

Anonymous said...

This is counter productive. This issue is history now. People granted him a pass on the subject of his Church associations, ACORN, Weather group even his birth issue.

Obama continues to deceive the public by selling the American assets for his social agenda with no way to recover out of the debt abyss.

What is worse is that CBO and Fed are complicit in this. Their Jan 2010 budget reports are disjoint from reality and Obama and crew are selling the impossible to public.

The hypocisy in his State of Union speech and his my way or highway approach when he had senate majority is astounding. It is all about politics, all about his image, all about buying common people's vote by lots of social programs by selling the future of our children and grand children!