Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two Bullys, Garofalo and Rosie O'Donnell


So these 2 low-lifes, Rosie O'Donnell and Jeanie Garofalo are at it again. They usually have racist or Anti-American comments. Back when Garfalo said we (Conservatives/Tea Party Goers) where all Racists. You see we can not point out some of the many faults of Barry Soetero or else we must be Racist.

Then O'Donnell slanders Rush? Do these 2 knuckleheads know their Messiah, Barry was a self-described junkie in his younger years. Yes, as Barry was studying Saul Alinsky and Radical programs to overthrow America, he was doing plenty of drugs. Let me remind these 2 Beauts that Rush is not President either. Rush is not in charge of our Military nor the one Barry wants to create, "civilian national security force" kind of like ACORN with Guns.

I feel O'Donnell is fair game after her comments about our Troops, which I won't repeat. How despicable she is for slandering our great Troops. O'Donnell living in Miami should have some knowledge of Dictatorships. Miami Condos News ought to tell their Owners about vile O'Donnell is loving Dictators. If she listened to many of her neighbors, she would realize how bad a Dictatorship is. O'Donnel would be locked up in Cuba for her sexual whatever you call it this week for Political Correctness. Castro would also take their possessions that O'Donnell and Garofalo scammed from America with their talentless acts.

Yet O'Donnell feels we should never have helped hundreds of thousands of people from getting murdered, raped or beaten by her hero, Sadamn. Should we have sat by while Hitler did his thing? Some Hollywood elites were Hitler worshipers for quite some time.

These 2 slime balls, O'Donnell and Garofalo are not attacking Barry for carrying on with the wars. Yet. O'Donnell feels we, the people should not have Constitutional rights to bear arms. Every time they roll out her 50 pound Dome, attached to her 300 pound so-called body, she gets protection. We are not worthy though.

Notice also how these left wing wackos always attack White People? Hmmm, but they are not self-loathing Racists, right?
I can never forget these attacks on our Troops or the slanderous attacks on the Tea-Parties.

We must Support Our Troops as they are always under attack from the Left Wingers. The Left is in constant mode to de-fund the Troops, the very people who fight s the Left has their Freedoms. The troops are thrown under the bus as lowlifes such as O'Donnell and Garofalo would rather give our money to junkies and thugs.

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Teresa said...

These Anti-American swine are so diseased and full of hatred for patriots. They irk me so much.