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The Real Scoop on Lady Qaeda, Aafia Siddiqi: & How We Blew It

Read another great article below by Debbie Schlussel. Debbie is brilliant and yet our highly paid fringe MSM are afraid to pull their heads out of the sand.
To make matters worse we have this hypocrite Michelle Obama. She and her boy, Barry get up and give some slanted, cryptic speech about Organized Religion.
They don't have the guts to call out the real Terrorists as this would hurt Barry and Holders's client list.
Hat tip to Mr. I

The Real Scoop on Lady Qaeda, Aafia Siddiqi: Her Circle of Boston Friends & How We Blew It

Portion below by Debbie Schlussel
You can read about yesterday’s conviction of Al-Qaeda female operative Aafia Siddiqui in plenty of mainstream news publications and sites. And you can read the regurgitation of the news on a number of bloggers’ and writers’ websites–you know, the ones who claim they are “experts” on “jihad,” when they haven’t a clue.

But here’s the real insight: Siddiqui’s conviction for shooting at U.S. soldiers after they caught her in Afghanistan (with chemicals, a dirty bomb recipe, plans to blow up U.S. gas stations and major New York sites) is really not the story here. The story is Aafia Siddiqui’s part in the early stages of Al-Qaeda around the world, as it was formed by a close circle of friends, who were mostly Muslim students in Boston here on visas in the late 1980s and early to mid-’90s. One of those students, one of those friends, was Aafia Siddiqui, who would later become Al-Qaeda’s designated master terrorist in the U.S., until she was caught in Afghanistan. It’s the story of how America dropped the ball on the inchoate Al-Qaeda world leadership concentrated amongst a few Muslim visa holders concentrated in a major American city. And it’s the story of how America let those people leave the country and did nothing to stop them, even the one they caught after 9/11 and willingly gave up to the Syrians.

That’s the real story behind Aafia Siddiqui that you didn’t hear, amidst the hubbub about her shrieks against Jewish jurors and judges, and the Israelis. But I’m telling the Cliff’s Notes, er . . . “Debbie’s Notes” version of that frightening story here.

It was the late 1980s. Bassam Ahmad Kanj a/k/a Abu A’isha, Nabil Al-Marabh, Raed Hijazi, and Mohamad Kamal Elzahabi fought together as part of Al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan. At that time, Kanj, as I’ve written, also shared a house in Pakistan with:

* Rabih Haddad–founder of American Al-Qaeda front-group, Global Relief Foundation (he later lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan before being deported, and sources say Siddiqui had immediate relatives living there, too);
* Mohammed Al-Churbaji a/k/a “Abu Salim”–co-founder and #2 in American Al-Qaeda front-group, Global Relief Foundation (who now lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as he fights deportation–his son, Salim, was an Obama fundraiser, and he has several terrorist anchor babies with U.S. citizenship). He engaged in a sham marriage and was deported, but apparently paid off a U.S. official, “Sam Libby,” and got back into the U.S. where he married a second wife, Denise a/k/a “Um Salim”);
* Abu Rawdha–a leading mujahideen fighter killed fighting in Afghanistan in 1991 or ‘92; and
* Abu Amatallah–another Islamic terrorist.
Living nearby was Sheikh Abdullah Azzam (Osama Bin Laden’s spiritual guru, with whom Bin Laden founded the forerunner to Al-Qaeda, MAK–Maktab Al-Khidamat), and others who were part of the nucleus of the original Qaeda.
All of these people prayed at the same Karachi mosque along with Bin Laden. Siddiqui and her family also lived in the area, and they reportedly assigned her to study germ weapons at MIT. Yup, we trained her and did their bidding.

Aafia Siddiqui Partner-in-Jihad Bassam Kanj a/k/a “Abu Aisha”

In the 1990s, Kanj went to Boston, where he was a student at Boston University along with other jihadis who were plotting Al-Qaeda’s worldwide future on our soil. He worked with Al-Marabh, Hijazi, and Elzahabi–his Qaeda comrades in Afghanistan–at a Boston cab company. Meanwhile, their friend and comrade, Aafia Siddiqui was going to grad school at MIT and then Brandeis University (ironically a school founded by and populated with her most hated ethnicity–the JOOOS; so much for the argument about how exposure to Jews and Americans makes Muslims like them). The FBI believed as do other intelligence sources that these Boston-based Qaeda acolytes regularly met and comprised the Boston Cell of Al-Qaeda, planning their future attacks.
Kanj went on to become a well known jihadi fighter and terrorist leader, first fighting for Bin Laden in Afghanistan, then in Chechnya, and, finally, starting Al-Qaeda’s Lebanese splinter group, “Usbat Al-Ansar” [The League of Supporters/Helpers]. He was killed in 2000 by the Lebanese government, as he pulled off a terrorist attack.

Kanj met his American wife, Marlene Earl Kanj Al-Mirabi, at Boston University. While there, he not only conspired with Al-Marabh and the others but he met and consorted with another Boston University Muslim, Mohammed Chehade, who also later worked for the American Al-Qaeda front group, Global Relief Foundation. Both Siddiqui and Kanj worked for CARE at the time.

Aafia Siddiqui’s Boston Al-Qaeda Buddy Nabil Al-Marabh

Al-Marabh, part of the Boston cell, was on the FBI’s five most wanted after the 9/11 attacks, because he was a known Bin Laden right-hand man. Al-Marabh was found driving a cab in Chicago. But he was never prosecuted. In a Detroit apartment where he once lived, members of the Detroit Terror Cell were found by FBI agents, along with videos of Disneyland, sites in Las Vegas, and detailed plans of the U.S. Air Force Base in Incirlik Turkey, including the take-off order of U.S. AWACS and Israeli F-16 planes. Al-Marabh was found with plans to blow up New York’s Lincoln Tunnel.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, at the behest of the Bush Administration, released Al-Marabh to Syria. He was seen thereafter (by a client of mine, a then-FBI informant) at Ein El-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, organizing for Al-Qaeda in Lebanon as his Boston jihadi buddy, Bassam Kanj, had done at the same camp. He was recruiting Al-Qaeda terrorists to attack U.S. troops in Iraq through the Syrian border. Federal Judge Gerald Rosen forbade prosecutor Richard Convertino from even mentioning Al-Marabh’s name at the Detroit Terror Cell trial, even though the cell members were found at his Detroit digs.

We blew an opportunity to learn more about the Boston terror cell in which Ms. Siddiqui was a part, when we set Al-Marabh free for no reason, other than to appease the Syrians as we prepared to go to war with Iraq. We were rewarded with Syria allowing its borders to be used as a revolving door for Al-Qaeda terrorists recruited by the released Al-Marabh.

We also blew the opportunity, when FBI agents found Marlene Kanj and questioned her. They let her go, and she has never been located again by the feds.
We blew the opportunity, yet again, when airhead Federal Judge Nancy Edmonds (now the judge on the Umar Farouk Abulmutallab case), refused to see that Rabbih Haddad was an Al-Qaeda terrorist and authorities had no choice but to simply deport him.
And, now, will we blow an opportunity to learn more about the Boston cell, as we’ve convicted Aafia Siddiqui, treated her like a regular criminal, and refused to torture her into telling us something? It appears we already have.

The next time I complain about the number of Muslim student visas we issue, think about Aafia Siddiqui, Bassam Kanj, and the Boston terror cell. They were guests in our country, and they planned our future demise at least a decade ahead.
That’s the story you didn’t hear in the Siddiqui trial. And you may never hear about it again. Sadly.
By Debbie Schlussel

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