Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We Need DDT-Day!

Here is some info on the Malaria situation.
As we see President Bush did more for Africa than probably any other President. Maybe that is why the Libs hate him. Their goal (Nazi Liberals) is to destroy most of the population. It appears Liberals have their sights set on killing or getting rid of as many African children as possible.

In 2000, African leaders vowed to reduce malaria deaths by 50% in ten years. Tomorrow marks the ninth anniversary of the vow, and though it hasn't been fulfilled, we are drawing very close to another marker of malaria's toll: 100 million dead from malaria since the Environmental Protection Agency's 1972 ban on DDT, the insecticide best suited to combat malarial mosquitoes.

For comparison, the total number of people killed by cigarette smoking in the twentieth century is thought to be about 60 million, total casualties from World War II perhaps as high as 70 million, and the total killed by Communist regimes about 100 million. Thus, anti-chemical greens (inspired by Rachel Carson's fear-mongering book Silent Spring) may already be humanity's most prolific killers -- and surely the most widely praised.

Africa Malaria Day was declared on April 25, 2000. President Bush noted Malaria Awareness Day on April 25, 2006. The World Health Organization decided in 2007 to begin marking World Malaria Day, with 2008 officially being the first and tomorrow the second -- with just one year to go before the original ten-year deadline is reached.

To make real progress in time for World Malaria Day 2010, instead of gauging progress by government spending or how many times Jimmy Carter praises bed nets, how about simply getting government out of the way and letting DDT (which, at worst, has been accused, likely incorrectly, of thinning some bird eggshells) do its lifesaving work around the world, as it did in once-malarial Europe and America for three decades before the ban? (I made this point back in 2002, in an ACSH piece cited this year in the New York Times bestseller Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin.)

By means such as bed nets and an impending malaria vaccine, we are making commendable strides in fighting malaria, but this is not a fight we should be waging with the most effective weapon needlessly kept beyond our reach. End the ban. Save millions of lives. Not a hard choice.


Here is some great script from a Mark Levin interview on Hugh Hewitt. Mark Levin is extremely knowledgeable of the Liberals and the DDT ban.

And so…but what happened, obviously, is in the early 1960s with Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, which had more phony science and groups like the Sierra Club, in the end, it was banned in the United States, which means it was banned in most of the free world, which means since most of the free world produces it, Africa went without DDT. Southeast Asia went without DDT. And so the environmentalists succeeded in allowing the death of tens of millions, particularly of children in Africa and other parts of the world, because of their adherence to this. And my point in including that and other examples in the book is here we go again with this global warming, where they want to create a regressive situation not only in the United States, but who will be affected the most? The undeveloped third world where they want to have lights, where they want to have running water, where they want to have food, and they want to do all these things. But instead now, here we go again with now it’s global warming.

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Teresa said...

Now enviro whacko liberals are replacing DDT with global warming falsehoods. They must really hate Africans to allow all that suffering and killing to come upon them for no reason at all. What a bunch of evil sickos.