Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Failed System of Socialism

Dear Friends:

The disease that afflicts these states is a malady called CRI ( Cranial Rectal Inversion). Unfortunately, it has affected the Obama Administration as well. Under what public policy textbook did the officials of these states read to figure out how to screw up the economies of their respective states? When politicians attempt to punish the successful, the producers in our society, by over taxing them to garner revenue for their redistribution, pie-in-the-sky programs, it will cause what is happening now, big deficits and potential bankruptcies.

People of means will not take this "diss" lying down, they will vote with their feet and move to greener pastures, they already have. You don't tax yourself into prosperity, you lower the marginal tax rates to a point where it is beneficial for the entrepreneur (a/k/a job producer) to take a risk and expand or start a new business, hopefully to make a profit ( a dirty word to liberals) so they can expand their business and hire more workers.

That's the positive domino effect of capitalism over the failed system of socialism. Give people an incentive to earn a profit and you'll see the economy take off just like it did under Reagan in the 1980's. Tell that to Obama, a big government pseudo socialist, whose only business experience was as a "community organizer" putting pressure on banks to issue sub prime loans.

Chuck On The Right Side

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