Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Need Rick Perry Not The ZERO Barry

Rick Perry - Proven Leadership

Yes all the hooligans and Thugs who supported Barry Zero have got their wish. America is weaker as hard as that is to admit to. The Barry ZERO Guy and His so-called Wife and Larry Sinclair started right out of the gate taking away School Programs for the Poor Black Kids in the Washington DC area. After numerous race baiting incidents and attacks on America, Barry Zero Obama and his Partner now attack Restaurants. they want restaurants to take food away from the Slaves and poor children the economy sinks further in the Toilet and The Food Nazi Mooch Elle and Barry ZERO want to take food off the plates of the slaves on the Plantation.

How in the world could Liberals and self-loathing Whites vote for this Zero?

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1 comment:

Virginia Car Insurance said...

A great Video and it spells out the Truth. These Zero Politicians work in Washington DC and bring their unwelcome rhetoric into Virginia.