Friday, September 2, 2011

Mainstream Media Has No Integrity

We have some additional comebacks to the lowlife Main Stream Media. The MSM has become the snakes and slime of society. They serve no purpose in the food chain except to carry water for the Slave Owner in the White House. Let us say No Tyrants in the White House ever again! How could so many people fall for the lies of this Marxist Barry Soetoro?

Dear Stephen: (To a Lame Stream Media Outlet that poses as Journalists)

I commend you for your compassion on the first two incidents.
However it puzzles me to whom are you referring about trying
to destroy a president. Is it your commie cohorts who loaded
their Bush bashing venomous canon with volumes of untruths?
You almost sound like a Tea Party fan wanting to wrest power
in November of 2012, from an abusive inept administration,
leading the nation to a disastrous path of Socialistic destruction.
Nah! That can't be, because its members are peace loving,
average, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-racial, multi-party
non-bigoted, un-biased patriots and elitism doesn't fit into the

The only comatose one in your column is you!

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