Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Professor Watson: One, two, three, faux.

In the 9-11-2011 edition of the SunSentinel, that paper’s faux-professor of history Robert Watson, displayed yet another glaring example of his academic ineptitude. Based upon this latest in his string of published pratfalls, one must presume that the man is seriously lacking in any knowledge of his subject, beyond that which he has gleaned from perusing the content of the re-written, Liberal-slanted-history textbooks in his library.

I object to the laziness of this compiler of re-written history, drawing specious conclusions and making pseudo-intellectual inferences that are unsupported by contemporaneous history. It is thus that he so frequently skews the truth. Example: Watson’s statement near the end of his tale of two tragedies, in which he wrote the following: “Let us not forget that, in the wake of both Pearl Harbor and 9-11, we treated minority groups
-Japanese and Muslims –poorly and at times overacted to fear and jingoism.”

Watson’s ability to mix apples and grapefruit is a technique he must have absorbed from reading texts of the speeches full of hysterical harangues by that past master of blatantly illogical spin, Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

The faux-historian Watson equates the U.S. Government’s treatment of innocent Japanese-American citizens immediately following Imperial Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, with the ten-year history of the cowardly and shameful, politically-correct avoidance by our elected officials, to place blame for the 9-11 sneak attack on the Twin Towers where it belongs, directly on radical Islam and tangentially on the stunningly-silent followers of the Muslim faith here in the United States. Equating these two diametrically opposed actions and inactions, is a quantum leap of ludicrous logic. Only a hack historian would attempt to foist such a nonsensical and irresponsible comparison onto his readership.

And, this guy gets paid to write this tripe?

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