Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings

Obama: FYI

It occurred to me that your highly-vaunted but undocumented education might benefit from an easy-to-comprehend visual (photograph) intended with all due respect, to fill in what I perceive as a glaring gap in your ‘unique’ education.

One must presume from the sparse information you have permitted to become available to the public regarding your genealogical origins and education, that the following is factual:

You are the product of a dysfunctional family and that details of your origin and upbringing are shrouded in an un-penetrable fog of contradictory names, places, dates and times.

Your early indoctrination into Muslim ideology as taught in the Quoran, laid the foundation for your anti-Semitic, anti-free society, anti-free-enterprise, anti-American concepts and beliefs.

You were raised and mentored by a succession of leftist radicals who tutored you in all the finer points of Socialism-Communism-Marxism-Revolution and Unionism. You learned to hate established authority and how to overthrow it. You majored in Community Organizing with a minor in civil unrest & violence. And so, it is quite easy to understand how you developed your devotion to ‘collectivism’ as the panacea for all our ‘ills’. Ills that you perceive as brought about by our Founding Fathers. Those would be the gentlemen who created that inhibiting and restrictive document most Americans know and love, The Constitution of the United States. Oh, Barack - you are so transparent. How am I doin’ so far?

Since during most of your formative years you were so sheltered from harm, so protected from failure, so shielded from any sort of criticism and literally inundated with praise because you were, ‘so special’ - I believe that you came to believe in the myth of your ‘specialness’.

Let’s face it Hussein, you were such a cute little fella and so charmingly attractive with your café olay complexion that most of the adults around you couldn’t resist giving you the edge over your contemporaries. You were indeed, ‘special’. And, it was a two-way street, with you giving rapt attention to your teachers and family friends who were more than happy to exert their influence on a student who sucked up their teachings like a sponge.

Your role models were Alinsky, Marshall, Ayers, Farrakhan and Rev. Wright. You patterned yourself after these and others in the corrupt families of Chicago street thuggery.

And now we arrive at the glaring gap in your education I spoke about, earlier. You apparently, never had the opportunity to come into direct contact with upright and honorable black men. I’ll venture a guess that the majority of your associations were with characters on the fringe, both black and white, who viewed all authority with disdain That’s why - - and I’m guessing again - - you really have no reference when it comes to being able to recognize a black man with principles. Conservative principles, at that. The very concept is so foreign to you, as to be virtually inconceivable. So, I’ve included this photo in order to provide you with a visible reference as to what real black men look like. These are two prime examples.

Reading from left to right: This is Rev. O’Neal Dozier, Pastor of the World Wide Christian Center in Pompano Beach, Florida. Along the way to his calling, he served in our Army in Viet Nam . And, he played professional football with the Chicago Bears and NYJets. He is a fearless man of God who speaks out against the Shariah teachings and hate rhetoric being espoused by radical Islamists here in Florida. You really wouldn’t want to tangle with Rev. Dozier, Barack. He’d crush you with one thumb.

The other fellow, the guy on the right, might look familiar to you. He is Congressman Allen B. West representing Florida’s District 22. That’s just up the road from the District currently being misrepresented by Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Certainly no need to introduce you to her… you two have something going. And, we citizens, voters and tax payers can’t wait til that something is gone – and gone for good.

Congressman West is of course, the polar opposite of you, Hussein. He is a retired Lt.. Colonel who served this nation for twenty-two years in peace and in war and was decorated with citations and medals for valor under enemy fire. He also taught school in Florida and then served as civilian military advisor to the Afghan Army General Staff for a couple of years. He decided to run for elected office, won his election and was sworn in as a U.S. Representative in the House of Representatives. You might have seen him in the halls of Congress or quite possibly on one of the talk shows on the tube. Though, you might not have paid much attention to his presentations since he never uses a teleprompter.

Oh, and by the way Mr. Obama – you sure as hell don’t want to tangle with this fellow. He doesn’t take prisoners; he eats them for breakfast.

Well, that’s it Mr. President. I just wanted you to know what real black men look like. They kinda, sorta look like the Founding Fathers - - but, you only have my word on that.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011


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