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President Bush Saved Region From Gadhafi’s WMD

Seriously, that was a very drastic situation that we faced in the second Gulf war. As long as Saddam had all the parts to build his WMD, we would always be the target. The vile Mains Stream Media will never report what our great Troops did find in Iraq. What did Iraq ship to Syria before we got there and at the beginning of the War. Let the Liberals who believe that the Muslim Terrorists are so nice, go live with them.

The Liberal Women will be so happy under Sharia Law. maybe Baby gaga will be forced to put on some more clothes and masks so we are not choking on our lunch looking at her. Baby gaga would support Illegal Aliens running into homes in Arizona all the while she lives in a safe Place. She does not care what happens with the people on the plantation, as Slave Owner Obama attacks Patriots! Weapons of Mass Destruction do not care if you voted for Obama because he is Black. WMD will destroy you regardless of who you support.

U.S. Fears Tripoli May Deploy Gas As Chaos Mounts

Portion below written by JAY SOLOMON

WASHINGTON—The government of Col. Moammar Gadhafi hasn’t destroyed significant stockpiles of mustard gas and other chemical-weapons agents, raising fears in Washington about what could happen to them—and whether they may be used—as Libya slides further into chaos.

Tripoli also maintains control of aging Scud B missiles, U.S. officials said, as well as 1,000 metric tons of uranium yellowcake and vast amounts of conventional weapons that Col. Gadhafi has channeled in the past to militants operating in countries like Sudan and Chad.

So will these weapons of mass destruction ever be found? And, if not, will the Obama administration ever hear the end of it?

Current and former U.S. officials said in interviews that Washington’s counter-proliferation operations against Libya over the past decade have scored gains, in particular the dismantling of Tripoli’s nascent nuclear-weapons program and its Scud C missile stockpiles. But the level of instability in Libya, and Col. Gadhafi’s history of brutality, continues to make the U.S. focus on the arms and chemical agents that remain, they said.

"When you have a guy who’s as irrational as Gadhafi with some serious weapons at his disposal, it’s always a concern," said a U.S. official. "But we haven’t yet seen him move to use any kind of mustard gas or chemical weapon" during the unrest.

Yet. Still, the situation over there could be a helluva lot worse if it wasn’t for the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent disarming of Mr. Gadhafi by the Bush administration.

The George W. Bush administration reached a key agreement with Tripoli in 2003 that called for Libya to scrap its weapons of mass destruction programs in return for normalized diplomatic relations.

Within months of the pact, Col. Gadhafi’s government sent to the U.S. the critical infrastructure for its nuclear-weapons programs, including uranium hexafluoride stockpiles, centrifuge machines and parts for a nuclear fuel-conversion facility. Libya also destroyed its longer-range missiles and 3,300 aerial munitions used to disperse mustard gas and other chemical agents…

But the program to eradicate Libya’s chemical agents, as well as its chemical weapons production facility, was delayed by spats between Washington and Tripoli over funding and logistics, according to U.S. officials…

Libya was to have destroyed all 23 metric tons of its mustard gas by the end of last year, according to the [Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons], but 9.5 metric tons remain. The Hague-based body said Libya was granted an extension until May to destroy the rest.

Who granted him this extension? The Obama administration or the Hague?

Libya also possesses more than half of the 1,300 metric tons of precursor chemicals used for developing chemical agents. The material is believed to be stored in jugs at the former Rabta chemical-weapons facility…

"Had the destruction process not started, we would be facing a far more dangerous situation," said Paula DeSutter, who helped oversee disarmament issues in George W. Bush’s State Department. "On the other hand, one would certainly feel more secure if all of the mustard gas had been eliminated." …

Do you think the Bush administration will get any credit from Mr. Obama or the news media for having disarmed Col. Gadhafi even this much? Isn’t this one more dividend from the invasion of Iraq?

Just imagine if he still had the material for just one ‘dirty bomb’ and the means to deliver it?

Written by JAY SOLOMON

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