Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great Wounded Warriors and President Bush

Please check out this Video all the way through, take note of what he actually has to say about his decisions. Maybe he is not the most eloquent, maybe not the best decisions on some issues, but a Class act through and through.

This is a REAL President in the heart warming Video above. Yes he made some mistakes in the last 2 years dealing with a Congress controlled by NAZI Pelosi. Although I think I recall that President Bush warned America at least 17 times about the upcoming Real Estate crisis. The sicko Liberals in Washington just yelled "Racist" at the President and when he was right, he still gets blamed. However, President Bush did get us some life insurance with Supreme Court Judges Samuel Alito and John Roberts.

Meanwhile our TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) sits around some home of a Terrorist, Bill Ayers or in a Racist gathering crap hole that is run by Rev, Wright. Yes this Hussein Dude sits with wannnabe High Brow Harvard lowlifes and talk about how to DESTROY America, oh I mean TRANSFORM America.

Hat Tip Mr. I

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Fort Lauderdale Car Insurance said...

These are real Heroes! I give President Bush respect fro his classiness and his Real support of our Troops.