Friday, August 12, 2011

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Sen. John Kerry: ‘57 varieties’ of chutzpa

Sen. John Kerry, whom we all know ‘served in Viet Nam’, recently provided the most classic example of ‘hypocrisy-to-the-max’ we’re ever likely to witness in our lifetime. He admonished the media to ‘not cover’ and ‘to censor’ Tea Party views that ‘everyone knows’ are ‘absurd’ and ‘non-factual’. Now, Ladies & Gentlemen – it can’t hardly get more ludicrous than that.

Kerry is a Senator from Massachusetts, the home State of several Founding Fathers. But whoops - it is also the home State of many leftist lunatics of more recent vintage. Example: Barney Frank;. I’m just sayin’ . . .

Kerry first came to public notice when he appeared before a Congressional committee and related stunning tales of atrocities allegedly carried out by American troops in Viet Nam. As a recently-returned U.S. Navy veteran, he was afforded the opportunity to testify in that public forum. He used it to spew forth a litany of charges and allegations that to my knowledge, were never corroborated or substantiated. As a matter of fact, when years later he ran for the Presidency, a number of Viet Nam vets who had served in the same theater at the same time, formed a group to publicly repudiate his entire narrative.

His claims of personal heroism, his three Purple Heart decorations, his other decorations, his testimony regarding his own military activities and his oft-repeated reiterations of his charges of American atrocities, were all suspect and contradicted by that group of his contemporary Viet Nam vets, known as the Swift Boaters.

His failed bid for higher office was a fiasco of charges and counter-charges that turned his candidacy into a circus side-show. His wife, heir to the Heinz fortunes, made a tragically-comic spectacle of herself that only contributed to the weirdness. Kerry proved himself to be at least 57 varieties of chutz-putz during that campaign. He was re-elected by the voters of the Bay State to represent them, no big surprise to anyone. And from that day until this, he has covered himself ignominy as a result of his periodic public pronouncements, so outrageous as to boggle the mind.

His latest foray into the ridiculous is no less ludicrous than his previous tramplings on reality. However this time, he is actively urging members of the media to ‘not cover’ and ‘to censor’ public statements by members of Tea Parties around the nation. Folks, from where I’m standing, that is a violation of the First Amendment rights of these Americans by a sitting member of the Senate of the United States.

Will the same media that is ostensibly tasked with reporting the news, take this errant official to task? Will there be any consequences to his latest leap into the land of fuzzy facts? This time, unlike his previous leaps, he has added the burden of his ham-fisted attempt to silence his political opponents by a coercive stifling of the free press.

I’m guessing that in Massachusetts and in the Senate of the United States, this behavior passes as ‘leadership’. And I’m still guessing - that if one were to paraphrase the reports after the battle of Bunker Hill, this would heralded as, ‘the shit heard ‘round the world’.

Well, with all the noise of the battle, that’s how it sounded to me.

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