Monday, November 7, 2011

Marxist Ideology Runs Deep in Schools of America

It is only fitting on this #MilitaryMon (Military Monday supported on Twitter) that we have this Post from a former and great Senior Chief Petty Officer.

Dear Mr. Boyd,
(The Assistant Principal of James Monroe Middle School, Tampa, Florida.)

I called you 3 times today and left messages for you to call me. Your number is (813) 272-3020 ext 224. I want you to explain to this retired Navy Senior Chief why your (OUR) school is bringing in a United Nations New World Order, Marxist Agenda to indoctrinate to our Middle School kids. Was this curriculum approved by the Florida Dept of Education in Tallahassee. Where is the curriculum posted? Does it include Social Justice and other Marxist ideology?

Why does your school have a United Nations coordinator ? Her name is Andrea Stignone, her number is (813) 272-3020 ext 241. I called her too and she also failed to return my call. WHY?

I spent over 20 years in the United States Navy keeping you free. I spent many years of my life protecting your backsides from Al Qaeda and radical Islam. I kept Communism at bay in Europe until its collapse in 1989. I have earned the right for a return phone call.

In your United Nations PDF file you state under the "Points of Pride" that your school has been approved by the United Nations as an Educational Associates School. Mr. Boyd, what was the application process to get this approval?

Who signed it? Who approved it? Which foreign citizen gave you sir the green light to be approved as a United Nations approved school?

Mr. Boyd. I would like for you to call the Florida Department of Education and tell these folks that your school, paid for by the tax payers of the great state of Florida is now approved by the United Nations.

Mr. Boyd I have thousands of United States Constitutions ready to be hand carried to your school by hundreds of Americans to present to our children in your (OUR) Middle School. Let me know a day that is good for you.

We would also like for you to submit to us your US Constitution Model Agenda proposal that you will teach our kids about the Amendments, the Constitution, the Federalist papers, etc. Lets scrap this New World Order, Marxist, United Nations crap. This sustainability Marxist ideology which teaches government control of private property needs to returned back to North Korea. It does not belong in our schools or our country.

Make sure you tell the kids at your UN forums the United States Constitution is the SUPREME LAW of this land. The United Nations has no authority in our Republic. Which brings me back to the question. How did your school get approved by this body of people ? We are waiting for your response.

Feel free to go into my website below and look up the links to the Constitution and the Federalist papers. I also have a page dedicated to the 2nd Amendment. Take your time reading through my website comrade. I will call you again tomorrow. If you blow me off again I will pay you a visit in person. Give me day and time that's good for you.

Geoff Ross
Senior Chief Petty Officer USN (Ret.)
Surface Warfare / Air Warfare
Signing off from the Bunker

Hat Tip to Chuck on the Right Side

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Scott said...

I shared this one...Git er done guys!

Distressed Commercial Properties Orange County said...

This Writer is a true Patriot and American. The school funded with Tax Payers’ dollars should not have an agenda