Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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Objective reporting: A thing of the past

After reading a recent report in the SunSentinel by their political writer, Anthony Man, about Florida Congressman West’s role in an upcoming Chamber of Commerce event to be held in Washington, I was left with a distinct sense of a palpable urge on the part of Mr. Man, to ferret out and report ‘something untoward’ in West’s participation. While Man never actually articulated such a concern, he left no doubt that he has unexpressed reservations about Cong. West.

Call me crazy but ever since he began to cover candidate Allen West, it has been obvious to interested observers, myself included, that Anthony Man has harbored an antipathy with regard to retired U. S. Army Ltc. West, now a duly-elected Congressman. I do admit to a bias; I am an avid supporter of Allen West. Anthony Man however, would certainly deny his bias all day long, as he projects his aforementioned antipathy from behind the curtain around his computer keyboard that obscures his real mindset.

Once again, we are confronted with a biased journalist masquerading as an honest-unbiased reporter of, ‘who-what-where-and-when’.
And my friends, that is an uncontestable fact.

Whose word are you going to take - mine or Snopes?
Ha, I thought so.

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