Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings - Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street

Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street:

What comparison?

It might be possible to draw comparisons between Tea Party gatherings and the Occupy Wall Street hoaxes but certainly, there is no equivalency. The Tea Party represents and is represented by true Americans. I’ve attended numerous Tea Party events locally, held by several Tea Party groups. Invariably, the larger gatherings have included parents with young children - - American families. The participants gather voluntarily at these events to express their concerns and address legitimate redress of wayward policies affecting our nation. Generally, the signs they carry are either about government excesses or wrong-headed policies. Not one sign that I can recall, was a plea for the changing our Constitutional form of government to Communism or Marxism. None espoused union saber-rattling, class envy or class warfare. Not one suggested that the holder of the sign was due a bail-out or a hand-out. Not one was unpatriotic; quite the contrary. All was civil and peaceful.

Occupy Wall Street events on the other hand, are organized mob scenes whose activities are orchestrated and funded primarily by trade union leaders and a conglomeration of leftist politicos, Democrat Party leadership and the subversive string-pullers who contribute a good part of the financing of the support for these roving bands of rabble. The bulk of those who are involved in overturning of vehicles, vandalizing property, resisting direct orders of law enforcement personnel and using violence to make their point, are college students, weirdoes, unemployed dissidents, mal-contents and trash-for-hire. In other words, ‘useful idiots’. And, they are led around by their noses, by career Socialist anti-American street thugs and anarchists.

Comparing these two movements is about as odious as comparing Obama to a legitimate, competent leader. Apples and oranges and a dog that don’t hunt.

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