Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Convenient Lies from Al Gore

Dear Editor of the Sin Sentinel,

Your front page headline article (Sun. Nov. 20), "The Signs of Global
", touting the signs of man-made global warming, is totally
slanted toward the "environmental whacko" projection of fraudulent
man-made global warming.

A perfect example of this fraud can be illustrated by that global warming
guru, Al Gore, who proclaimed that due to the the melting of the polar
ice-caps, most all cities abutting the oceans, will be flooded out due
to the oceans reaching 20 ft. above the present sea levels.

So what does the pseudo-scientist, Al Gore do, he buys property along
the California coastline. Maybe he knows something we don't know or
that he won't tell us the truth?

That must be his "Inconvenient Truth" or is it a "Convenient Lie".
Let's have an article, in the future, by some reputable global warming
"deniers", of which there are thousands. The Sun-Sentinel always
tries to be fair and balanced, right?


Chuck on the Right Side

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