Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hypocrisy of Occupy Wall Street Thugs

Dear people,

Thanks for the notice below about making banks pay for the economic downturn. But before I join you, I have to do a few chores.

1. I will make my mortgage payment to the bank. I've done that faithfully over the years without ever missing a payment. Without their help financially, I could never have afforded my home.

2. I have to make a savings deposit with my bank. I've accumulated quite an amount over the years and feel that it is in safe hands.

3. I will have my bank set up a money market account for me with them holding the money safely and having it handy when I need it.

4. I have to wire some funds from my bank account to my kid in college who is in need of a few hundred bucks. They will do this efficiently and safely.

5. I have to go to my bank's safe deposit box to store some valuable jewelry. It's safe and secure in the bank.

6. I have to take out a CD for my daughter from my bank to give to her when she is graduated from college in two years. The money will be safe and accumulating interest over this time.

7. I have to pick up a replacement credit card at my bank. I lost mine yesterday. They will cover all fraudulent charges made since I lost it.

8. We're looking into applying for a lower rate mortgage from our bank. Rates are extremely attractive now.

So, when I'm finished with all of these transactions with my bank, I will step outside and picket with you guys in order to put my bank out of business. You're right, I have to teach them a lesson!

Hat Tip to George!
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