Friday, December 2, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings

If dreams come true.

There are good dreams, bad dreams, day-dreams, being lost in ‘reveries’ and plain ‘ol wishful thinking. We all engage to a lesser or greater degree in some form of thisethereal activity during the course of contending with our daily doings.

We learn a lot about our fellow man from knowing the kinds of daydreams and wishful thinking that occupies his consciousness. Presumably, the hate-filled Muslim lunatic who shouted, “One day we’ll kill all the Jews” at the recent rally in Cairo, was expressing his heart-felt wish that the dream at the very core of his soul would someday, come true.

It is my assessment that this fellow is for sure, beyond all hope of conversion to a state of mind that resembles lucidity. It ain’t gonna happen. He is indeed, beyond the pale. But unfortunately for the world, he is but one of millions upon millions of like-minded followers of Islam, possessed by an irrational hatred of Jews. As my Grandpa used to say, “It don’t not make no sense.” But, there it is; this inexplicable hatred is deeply imbedded in the DNA of radical ideologues in practically every corner of the globe - Antarctica excepted. And, I’m not really certain about that cool continent.

Regardless of the logic or illogic that drives such venomous anti-Jewish-anti-Israel sentiments as those held by ’Mr. Hate-filled Muslim Lunatic’, I am quite confident that his ugly dream will never come true. There is no question that he and his ilk will make the sane world extremely uncomfortable for a while, as a result of the bloodthirsty tactics that are their terror-techniques of choice, And, it will take an extreme, concerted effort on the part of free men and women of principle and courage worldwide, to stop, beat back and ultimately defeat Islam’s plan to dominate.

It sounds whacked-out loco but, there can be no doubt that is their dream. They mean to bring it about through bloody, obscene acts of violence and by instituting Shariah law in every geographic area of the world. Shariah is the ultimate lunatic dream, presently masquerading as a religion of peace. It is currently on a roll and gaining accommodation among the clueless, the simple-minded and the cowardly in many of the weaker nations of Europe, Africa and Asia. It is not peaceful; it is actually nothing like it is portrayed by the propagandists at CAIR. It is in fact, the ultimate deceit that has ever been perpetrated on mankind.

My dream is that when Mr. Hate-filled Muslim Lunatic and his Muslim Brotherhood brothers attempt to kill all the Jews, they will see a brilliant flash of light, hear an ear-splitting noise and then, realize that at least one part of their dream came true. They will at long last, be facing those much ballyhooed 72 virgins. They’ll realize that they woke up, dead. It will be at that moment that my dream comes true.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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