Friday, December 30, 2011

Hillary Supports The Cult Of Marx & Saul Alinsky

Click on the Picture for an article written by MORT KUFF.

Artwork by MORT KUFF

The United Nations Small Arms Treaty, supported by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, could:

1. Forbid any transfer of gun ownership
2. Ban weapon manufacturers from selling to the public
3. Outlaw excessive weapons
4. Insist that owner information be stamped on every gun
5. Force us to hand over any banned weapons to the government

My gun - or your gun - or any patriotic American's gun - should NEVER be subject to international law. PERIOD!

Rethink your support of Hillary Clinton! She is a Junior Marx supporter, Saul Alinsky supporter and a sellout. She knew her hubby, Box Car Willie, lied on the stand and she did nothing!
Barry Obama, his wife Mooch Elle, Slick Willie Clinton and Hillary have all trashed their alleged Law Degrees!

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