Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Boca Mayor Whelchel: Way to go!

Mayor Susan Whelchel of Boca Raton has demonstrated once again, that she is a public servant of high principle and an official capable of taking direct, no-nonsense action when it is appropriate. Huzzah! Way to go!

After several years of tussling back and forth with vocal individuals and groups of activists advocating for public displays of religious and ‘other’ symbolism jockeying for space and special attention during the winter holiday season – the Mayor has brought it all to a screeching halt. She has put the issue into proper perspective. I applaud her for that. Enough is enough.

Churches, Synagogues and other places of worship, private residences, retail stores, non-governmental organizations, back yards, front yards and private yachts - are all legitimate sites for displays and celebrations of religious beliefs. The First Amendment that guarantees ‘Free Speech’ protection to all American citizens, assures them of their right to display and celebrate their individual beliefs.

That said however, nothing provides them with the authority or right to place their beliefs on view by installing displays of religious symbolism in public buildings or on public property. Court Houses, Libraries and other public buildings whether local, municipal, State or Federal should not be used as billboards for private belief systems. It is my view that these are not proper venues for such expression. City managers, County Commissioners or Administrators at any level, are under no obligation to provide space or logistical support for such displays nor, should they allow themselves to be bribed or intimidated into making a show of accommodation.

While on the subject of religious displays, is there anyone reading this who is not aware of the rapidly growing encroachment of the highly-organized effort by Muslims in America who refer to their belief system as, ‘the religion of peace’?

While many Muslims appear to be peaceful citizens preferring to dress according to their own fashion as they go about their normal family pursuits, they are not actually committed, independent citizens of the United States. Nor, despite any and all protestations to the contrary, do they recognize The Constitution as the law of the land in which they reside. As Muslims, their ultimate loyalty is to Islam. They are bound and beholden to Islam Shariah, which is a complex, totally-controlled way of life that is dominated by Imams who are in turn, totally-committed to world domination by Islam.

Therefore, I believe it is prudent to issue a loud and clear warning of the dangers involved in any accommodation of this creeping cancer to our way of life, our liberty and our individual freedoms. Islam is a demonic ‘way of life’ that employs stealth as its preferred means of becoming the dominant force over all the peoples of the world but, that has no compunctions or hesitancy about using violence as the next logical tactic to gain its ends.

Be warned, accommodation to Muslim ‘religious’ practices or Islam Shariah to any degree whatsoever, regardless of how slight or seemingly insignificant, cannot be tolerated. It’s like being a little bit pregnant. There ain’t no such thing.

The answer to the perennial question, “What can I do?” is simple: Become educated about Islam Shariah. Read a book titled: “Shariah, the threat to America”. Go to the website: “Shariahthethreat.com” Learn first-hand what we are up against.

Remember, Folks – WE ARE AMERICANS!

Ours is a big country but, there is no room for Shariah. WE STAY! THEY GO!

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