Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ACLU And Political Correctness

Dear Editor of The Sun-Sentinel:

I see the "Grinch", (a/k/a ACLU) not only has stolen Christmas, but now they are trying to steal the father-daughter dances which most people feel is a worthwhile school-related activity. They claim that this parental bonding activity violates the gender-discrimination law.

As usual, one disgruntled parent complained and the ACLU jumped in to "protect" this single mom from "extreme" distress because her daughter didn't have a father to escort her daughter to the dance. Did this mom ever think of having a grandfather, an uncle, a male friend or neighbor go as an escort in place of the absent father?

Why ruin a perfectly positive activity for all the others because of "political correctness" run amok. This is tyranny by the minority, and the powers-to-be should be ashamed of themselves.


Chuck On The Right Side

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