Friday, September 28, 2012

Medical Breakthrough

Finally, some good news to share.

It has been announced, actually by President Obama himself, that when Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks, he (Obama) can hear ‘noise’ in his tin ear. So now, when his detractors try to characterize our President as, ‘Deaf & Dumb’ – they will only be half right but still, half wrong.

Obama shares this medical condition with that other great and sensitive humanitarian world leader, Ahmadinejad of Iran, who also hears ‘noise’ in his ear when Netanyahu speaks. Isn’t that an ‘eary’ coincidence? Of course, since his ears are larger and protrude farther from his head, the noise must be so much louder for the Anointed One.

More than likely, that is the real reason Obama chose to avoid a one-on-one meeting with Netanyahu upon the occasion of the Prime Minister’s visit to the UN in New York. And instead, he met with the ladies of the ‘View’. He knows he can count on being treated like a hero in that venue, where he is also assured that, ‘no noise is good news’.

Is it too soon for President Obama to receive another Nobel Prize? This time, for a medical breakthrough in the field of Human Audionics? Viewed in one way, since this miraculous feat of hearing restoration was obviously achieved through his ability to harness his own unique powers of intellect – Obama’s breakthrough might be called, ‘An Immaculate Reception’. They promised he’d come back, didn’t they?

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