Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

The truth about the truth.

The sad reality about the truth is that it seems to require frequent reiteration in order to be taken seriously.

Whereas, a super-sized lie uttered from the mouth of a recognized liar is usually taken at first utterance, to be the truth. What is it about the GF (gullibility factor) of a truly obscene majority of the public that sets them up to catch these foul balls? What makes them so susceptible to erroneous statements, even when such statements are blatantly false upon their face? Don’t you find that to be curious?

It seems that the truth, in order to be accepted as the truth, needs to be ‘sold’. Why should that be? When a truth-speaker begins to tell a truth, he is immediately pounced upon to provide a litany of documentation; four corroborating statements by Saints or equal; proof-of-the-trooth from the pages of the NYTimes or one of the yellow-sheet Tribune papers and at least two directly-related references from the King James Bible.

To ‘walk back’ (don’tcha just hate these trite journalistic ‘catch-phrase-of-the-day’ stupid-isms?) what I said in a previous paragraph about lies being accepted at first utterance – it is more often the case that lies are reiterated and perpetuated ad infinitum.

Classic liars down through history – an outstanding example being Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Liar-in-Chief – have subscribed to the practice of non-stop repetition of their lies to the point where a captive public has accepted them as the truth. And, once established as the truth, the next step is to have it chiseled into the marble mantels of public buildings so that future generations can be indoctrinated by carved-in-stone lies.

Fast forward to the present-day purveyors of prevarication, deception, non-truths, whoppers and damnable lies – I give you Obama, the Clintons and everyone in the Democrat/Progressive Party of Woodrow Wilson & Jimmy Carter, who have live microphones shoved into their faces by a complicit media every time they emerge from their rat holes.

What do they all have in common? They all have a marked propensity for telling lies. It is what they do. To them, 2+2 = 5. They avoid the truth as they would the plague, because they know full well that even a hint of what they truly stand for, if discovered by the great unwashed public, would do them in.

And sadly again, there is a waiting and willing audience for the latest lies from these elected mis-representatives. There is a large segment of the American public that loves

to hear what it wants to hear - and only what it wants to hear. Democrats, each and every one, love to speak their palaver to this waiting and willing audience. It is a love- fest of liars and the lied-to. Go figure.

Well, my fellow-truthers - - that’s the truth about the truth.

Would I lie?

MORT KUFF © 9-23-2012

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