Friday, December 16, 2011

Racist Rabbi Attacks Tim Tebow

We see this Racist Rabbi come out and slander Tim Tebow. He allegedly apologized only because the rabbi is a Coward and won’t stand by his real opinion. The Rabbi Hammerman, aka Rabbi Garbage Can was just venting his real beliefs, which is hating America and Christians. I bet the Rabbi Garbage can does not realize that many of our great Troops, who fight for his freedoms, are Christians. The rabbi Garbage Can is just another racist like Barry Soetoro and Rev. Wright.

The rabbi Garage can correlates working out, working hard to be a better person and Player, with bashing Gays? The Rabbi Garbage Can is just a vile lowlife who turns out to be a Coward.

The article below from mentions Jim Rome and his bashing of Tim Tebow. Jim Rome is another phony as he was a big basher of the Professional Women Basketball league. Phony Rome called them all types of names and gestured that they were animal looking (you pick the words as I don’t want to repeat him). Phony Rome went on to bash Imus when in fact Phony Rome made similar comments. Rome comes out with his goatee to try and make him look tough yet he is just a COWARD who carries the water of the Marxists.

This portion below is from the great .

Tebow vs Cam Newton

Tim Tebow and his Denver Bronco's pulled off what is being described as a "miracle" upset against the Chicago Bears.

ESPN and others let out a collective groan almost as loud as they did after the tidal wave victory of Proposition 8 keeping marriage between one man and one woman (no bestiality, pedophiles or homosexual "marriage" would be endorsed by the state of California).

If you listen to some of the sports commentators on the major sports TV and radio stations, Tebow (7-1 as a starter) is a "bum" and a "clown."

Jim Rome claimed Tebow shouldn't even be in the NFL, even as a back-up.

Interesting, "unbiased" analysis when one considers the other Heisman Trophy winning quarterback- Cameron Newton.

Cam Newton, 4-9 leading the Carolina Panthers, is talked about as the greatest thing since the forward pass.

Could it be anti-Christian politics and group-think biases influence the press, even in sports?

If you listen to Tebow himself, he is giving credit to everyone but himself and yes, this includes GOD. This is not complicated. Denver was 1 -4 before Tebow and 7 - 1 with him.

He is not winning all of these games for Denver himself. He is bringing an atmosphere of selflessness, team spirit and hope to Denver. Why does this make so many people so mad? God forbid we have a good role model.

If he were a homosexual, all of those words against him would be called "homophobia" and the politics of "hate and fear."

Why all the hate and fear against this young man? The answer is simple. He is a Christian.

Liberals hate him, which is why he is now my favorite player.

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Tim Tebow has done more in his college career than most in their entire life. Didn't Jim Rome already get slapped by a Quarterback?