Sunday, March 11, 2012

Alan Dershowitz Finds Anti-Semitism With Obama Friends

Alan Dershowitz, the liberal Democrat and law professor at Harvard University has a good reason to think that Media Matters for America is harboring antisemitism within its heart. M.J. Rosenberg at Media Matters is the particular object of the Harvard professor’s ire. He has a long history of questioning the loyalties of Americans who support Israel, particularly American Jews, but I think what Prof. Dershowitz is missing in all of this is that the radical left has taken a turn toward naked antisemitism for a long while.

Media Matters is part of this growing trend. I don’t think that there’s any hope that Obama will dissociate from Media Matters, or that MMfA will even dump M.J. Rosenberg as Prof. Dershowitz might like, because even more than the case of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, in this case, it’s all about ideology, and Obama will not turn his back on his radical friends.

The author of hateful quotes is MJ Rosenberg, who is the Senior Foreign Policy Fellow of Media Matters and its official voice on issues relating to the Middle East and Israel. Again, big supporters of the Rev. Wright protegee, B. Hussein Obama.

Rosenberg doesn’t accuse Arab Americans who support Hamas and Hezbollah—America’s sworn enemies– of being “Palestinian Firsters”. Nor did he accuse Irish Americans who supported the Sinn Fein of being “Irish Firsters”. And the bad old days when observant Catholics were accused of dual loyalty with regard to the Vatican are, thankfully, long past. But Rosenberg defends his charges of disloyalty to America against those who sincerely believe that it is in America’s interest to support Israel against threats from Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other enemies of both nations. Indeed, he boasts of having “popularized” the term “Israel Firsters.

Does anyone in the MSM do their Job? Of course they do, they carry all the water for Barry and look the other way when it comes to Anti-Semites and racists on the Left. So there is no surprise that freeloader Sandra Fluke starts quoting from “Media Matters”.

Is Freeloader Sandra Fluke “In Bed” with Anti-Semites? Barry states that Freeloader Fluke’s Parents should be proud of her. For sleeping with Guys who have such low respect for her that they won’t even pitch in for a condom or Birth Control. Or should the Parents be proud that Freeloader Sandra Fluke is supportive of Anti-Semites? I think Rev. Wright would be proud of her for the latter. And we all know by now that Barry Soetoro is Rev. Wright.

Media Matters also has not responded to a series of recent investigative articles from the great WND. Some of the article include topics with findings on:

• One of the single largest donors to the embattled Media Matters for America is a controversial far-left clearinghouse that funds groups such as, ACORN and a litany of anti-war organizations, the Tides Foundation. The group is funded in part by billionaire George Soros, himself a prominent Media Matters donor.

• President Obama served eight years on the board of the Joyce Foundation, a charity that is a top donor to Media Matters.

• Obama is also tied to numerous other top Media Matters donors and fundraisers, including a foundation run by the finance chairman of his 2008 presidential campaign, Penny Pritzker. The Pritzker Family Foundation donated a total of $400,000 to the progressive attack group in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

• Another key funding tie for Media Matters is the Center for American Progress, led by John Podesta, who directed Obama’s White House transition team. Media Matters reportedly entered into a fundraising-sharing agreement with the Center for American Progress, whose extensive reports and research reportedly help to inform Obama administration policy.

• A marketing outfit called the Herndon Alliance reportedly received a grant from the lobbying arm of Media Matters for America. Herndon reportedly helped the White House craft and market Obamacare.

• The Media Matters-funded Herndon Alliance recently recommended that Obama make contraception an election issue after conducting polling with a George Soros-funded progressive group.

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