Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Democrats Are The Misogynists and Racists

Obama has been entrenched in despicable behavior and hateful words. He personally attacked Tea Party Patriots with that derogatory term the vile left uses. Yes, Obama is very familiar with the term “Tea bagger” as he and Larry Sinclair probably experimented with that situation. If the use of the “s” word when referring to Freeloader Sandra Fluke is so horrible how about Obama and his support for infanticide?

Barry Soetoro laughed when the “ugly inside and out” Wanda Sykes hoped for Rush to die. The disgusting words spewed by the Lowlife Racist Rev. Wright were far worse than the slip up by Rush.

New York Knick’s former coach Isiah Thomas was being sued by Anucha Browne Sanders, a fellow executive, for sexual harassment. The racist aspect of Isiah Thomas came out. The Marxist MSM tried to keep it quiet yet Thomas made numerous racist remarks about Larry Bird. Then Isiah Thomas unloads that “White Men” cannot call Women the “B” word however Black men can. Just another example of the racist Left and their rules that White People, especially White Men have to curb their speech. The Radicals supporting Hussein are allowed to keep their Free Speech rules and spit out all the ignorant remarks.

The no-talented Orlando Jones Refused to apologize for his 'Kill Palin' Tweet. This Orlando Jones showed what a mental midget and misogynist that he is. The Left Wing Lowlifes in Hollywood have no problem supporting a scumbag like Orlando Jones especially if he attacks White Women.

Don’t let us forget the Ice t wannabe Thug. Now the Liberals at the Law and Order TV Show try to make him a hero yet we know how disgusting this idiot is. I am no fan of that Thief and Liar Al Gore but I would never accept the premise to verbally attack his under-age Family. Yet Ice T thought he was a big man when he rapped about raping under-age girls in Al Gore’s family. These are the People that party with the NObamas in the White House. Ice-T proposed sex with Tipper Gore's two twelve-year-old nieces. Hollywood promotes this guy and some Idiot who is sings about having sex with shoes?

Then there was Ted Rall and Jeff Danziger, a couple of sleazy Racists who attacked Dr. Condi Rice. MSNBC loves these two sleaze-balls as they do like the racists and misogynists at MSNBC.

The Occupy Wall Street Crowd are big with attacking Senior Citizens and they spew plenty of anti-Semitism. Yes the Left Wing Occupy Movement loves the class warfare and bashing the businesses of the Middle Class. The Occupy Movement is an arm of Barry Soetoro and the Saul Alinsky radical thinkers. These Thugs have been made aware that the Democrat Party has given up on Middle Class White People. So the incoherent Occupy Thugs are just a group of useful idiots for Barry Soetoro.

Here we have a Short List of Pea Brain Left Wing Bullies:

jon stewart, ed Schultz, rev wright, al sharpton, michelle NObama, dan rather, shiela jackson lee, samuel L jackson, jesse jackson, jimmy hoffa, janine garofalo, maxine waters, ice t, ice cube, ice tray, Rapper Common, Sotomayor, ted rall, Marxists at ESPN, joe biden, barbara boxer, joy behart, shirley sherrod, professor gates, hillary clinton, and many, many more vile Democrats, have made Racist and Disgusting remarks.

All of that above is just a foot note in the History of Democrats and their racism as well as their proclivity for violence. So the main rule with vile Left Wing racists is simple. Just listen to George Clowney, Clooney whatever. Clowney did not care if Saddam Hussein torched People, raped women on their wedding night, financed Terrorists against America, and used chemical weapons on his own people. Just don’t call the Woman a bad name (if she is a LIBERAL)!


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Stop Barry Soetoro said...

David Letterman is another scumbag. Letterman thinks statuatory rape is funny.