Monday, March 26, 2012

Treasonous 5th Column in United States

Today we have an article about Pacifica Radio – The Mouthpiece Of The Anti-American Alliance. We have the Soetoro Regime preparing to fund the Muslim Brotherhood and he wants to cut our supply of Nuclear Weapons. One might wonder if the Soetoro regime is the biggest fan of the The Anti-American Alliance,

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Know Your Enemy

On April 15, 5, 1949. Lew Hill and a staff of four other useful idiots launched the first openly traitorous radio station in the world from (of course) a makeshift Berkeley studio to, among other things, protest U.S. involvement in WW2.
From their, this resource of propaganda grew as four more cities gained the lies, and exaggerations of Pacifica when local residents created new Pacifica stations around the country: KPFK in Los Angeles, WBAI in New York City, KPFT in Houston, and WPFW in Washington DC.

Including affiliates, the Pacifica Network, today, includes approximately 150 stations, that collaborate daily to bring Anti-West radio and subversive media to American citizens. For approximately 60 years now Pacifica Radio has provided a haven and training ground for Socialist activists and Leftist journalists. Pacifica has been the vanguard of Nazi, then Socialist, and now Islamist propaganda providing every dictator, terrorist, traitor, and subversize voice a soap box. Daily this mouthpiece for despotism spreads horribly spun news, and cherry picked historical and political analysis across the United States (and the World).

Pacifica Radio is the encaptulation of everything we complain about here, and everything we fear from the Left. On every issue, they make sure to come to one conclusion: it is the U.S.’s fault. At every opportunity possible they work to support those that would weaken, and destroy the United States and the West. Including providing support for cop killers, fanning the flames of Anti-Americanism by repeating lies abaout our military and Abu Gharab, spreading propaganda regarding Venezuala, attacking our troops, promoting those who wish to weaken the U.S., attacking American traditions (while supporting America’s enemies), supporting the most extreme cases of Abortion, openly supporting Communism, advocate on behalf of terrorist organizations, are rabidly Anti-Israel, support groups such as the I.S.M., and A.N.S.W.E.R, rail against so-called “US Imperialism“, and act as the mouthpiece for C.A.I.R.

Shockingly, the aforementioned is just an incomplete short list. I personally listen to Pacifica Radio almost daily and can atest to the fact that what actually takes place on their airwaves is worse than what they document on their websites. (Every good traitor knows to hide their real intentions when possible).

I have personally heard them call for the destruction of Israel, claim Jews run the media, Government, etc., give support for Terrorists Gaza/Judea Samaria, Venezuela, England, Lebanon, Haiti, and Syria, actively promote a Communist overthrow of the United States, encourage anti American political activity, and blame 9/11 on “the Zionists” and/or Bush etc. At every step, and at every opportunity, Pacifica works to hamper the safety and security of the United States, and actively gives comfort and assistance to our enemies.

The treasonous 5th column in the United States has a very active mouthpiece – it is called Pacifica Radio…….and they continue to broadcast across the U.S. as we blog.

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