Friday, March 9, 2012

US Troops Face Reprimand Over Koran Burnings

The Liberals have now screwed up our Military? These 5 Brave Troops who burned Korans. which were already ruined by Terrorists. The cowards in the MSM will not talk about the Korans being used and abused like a Fluke. These vile Radical Islamic terrorists destroyed their own Qurans (Koran).

Now because of Barry Soetoro and the Regime, ameriKa is going to bust five of our Brave Troops. They and their families will be permanently impacted by this, to say nothing of the six American troops murdered over the course of the riots. Yet Barry Soetoro and his racist Regime apologize to the Terrorists. It is no wonder that we have great People like Marine Sgt. Gary Stein start a Facebook page called Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots. These Brave Soldiers and Troops are being thrown under the Bus by the Saul Alinsky radicals.

U.S. military officials said that although the five service members will be reprimanded, it is unlikely that their names will be released or that their punishment will approach the severity of what some Afghans are demanding, including trial in an Islamic court. While U.S. military and civilian leaders have apologized for the act, the desecration triggered a wave of demonstrations that left about 30 Afghans dead. It also led to the deaths of six U.S. service members stationed in Afghanistan, including two officers working in the Afghan Interior Ministry.

“For the soldiers, it will be serious — they could lose rank. But you’re not going to see the kind of public trial that some here seem to want,” said one U.S. military official.

Another military official said: “What they did was careless, but there was no ill will.”

The lack of ill will does not matter. The obvious ill will of the Afghan troops who murdered ours doesn’t matter either, though it should. Some Afghan clerics need to be told to go pound sand.

Senior Afghan clerics, in a statement issued after a meeting with President Hamid Karzai, said: “This evil action cannot be forgiven by apologizing. The perpetrators of the mentioned crime should be put on a public trial as soon as possible.”

That isn’t going to happen, nor should it. The Afghan street may find our unwillingness to behead our own troops because they committed an accidental act that is not illegal under the UCMJ (UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE) yet another excuse to riot and kill again.

They’re now demanding control of the very prison where terrorists were using the Korans to pass messages around. Let them have it, along with the rest of their country.

Many People know that Afghanistan isn’t fixable. Things may calm down temporarily, and then there will be another inadvertent incident, which will provide more excuses for our so-called allies to turn on us and kill our troops. This experiment with the Politically Correct, Affirmative Action Hero is a huge failure. Why would anyone want to join our Military with this Appeaser In Chief ruining the Country.

These Brave Troops did nothing wrong. This is a load of Politically Correct Garbage that Obama is shoving down our throats with His HOLY QURAN (Koran). Yes, his words, “Holy Quran”. When will self-loathing Liberals wake up and see Barry Soetoro hates them too! Barry will just appease the intolerant Radical Islamic terrorists.


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