Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Black on White Violence and the Racial Double Standard of the Left

This is what you don't hear from the Cowards in the MSM (Media Supporting Marxists):
"You Get What You Deserve, White Boy".

A 13-Year-Old was Set on Fire by 2 digusting Lowlifes. This was a horrific Racially Charged Attack that the MSM kept quiet on. The few words they mentioned were surgically scrubbed of the real facts, meaning it was a Hate Crime. Wake up the self-loathing Liberals in the MSM and fight back!

There is plenty more that is scrubbed as we have the most Racially divisive President in the past 100 years.

Actual dragging deaths CENSORED by the cowards known as th mainstream media.
Six year old Jake Robel was ripped from his mother’s arms and dragged to death on a busy highway. The perp, Kim Davis, was a lifelong criminal who had been released from jail despite having an outstanding warrant.

Davis carjacked Robel’s mother. However, when his mother tried to get him out of the car, Davis sped off. Robel was dragged to death on the interstate in Kansas City, Mo in front of hundreds of horrified witnesses. Davis was stopped, when other cars surrounded and blocked him. By this time, Robel’s body had been ripped to shreds.

This horrifying public murder took place in 2000. It was HEAVILY CENSORED by the so-called “mainstream press.”

Two years earlier in Waco, Texas three ex-cons (two white, one Latino) dragged to death a black ex-con over a feud that started in prison. The white ringleader, King, wanted revenge for being gang raped by blacks in prison. To this day, twelve years later, the media still talks about this crime constantly.

Ask yourself, why have you never heard of Jake Robel? Imagine for a second that Jake Robel was black and his killer was white. This would have been the largest news story for Jesse jackson and Al Sharpton. No, instead the MSM quarantined, and censored this story about this innocent Boy. Even when the Missouri legislature passed a law named after Jake Robel, the media continued to hide the story. In instances when it was reported, all references to race were censored and no pictures were shown.

Wasn't the vile Jesse jackson the person who said there are no Hate Crimes against White People? The biggest Hate Crime perpetrated against America is B. Hussein Obama. He and his Mrs. have despised America for years and know have the power with Eric Holder to trample America. Barry Soetoro is openly promoting Racism rather than working to unify a divided country.

Here is more on the double standard with hate Crimes. Below is some of the excellent article from Selwyn Duke.

Was Boy in K.C. Fire Attack a Victim of His School's Racist Teaching?
By Selwyn Duke
The boy raised his hand, eager to answer the question. "What would you know about it?" exclaimed the teacher dismissively. "You're not our race."

This was not dialogue from a Hollywood movie. According to a woman named Melissa Coon, it was what a teacher at East High School in Kansas City told her 13-year-old son, Allen, when he attempted to answer a question during Black History Month. Coon identifies that teacher as Mrs. Karla Dorsey, who is black; Allen is white.

As has already been reported, Allen was a victim of a vicious racial attack last week in which two older black teens doused him with gasoline and set him alight, saying, "This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy." Not surprisingly, Coon has pulled her son out of East High and, concerned about further racial violence, intends to leave the K.C. area.

While this crime is making headlines, Coon states that it was merely the horrible culmination of continual racial harassment her son had to endure at East High. Moreover, after conducting an investigation that included extensive interviews with parents and students, I've learned that Coon's son is not alone. Other white students also report a pattern of racial harassment at the high school at the hands of their peers -- and, shockingly, their teachers.

Another white victim is 15-year-old Ashley Miller, whose family had moved to K.C., MO, from Kansas. Subject to racial harassment, she was called names such as "white b****." She also actually shared a class with Allen Coon, and as the only two white students in the room, they became the target of sexual comments. Moreover, she reports the same experience with race-baiting videos as do the Wildeisens: they would be shown, and an onus would be placed on the white students. Her mother Melissa told me that she now fears for her daughter's safety and, you guessed it, is in the process of withdrawing Ashley from East High. And the rest of the pattern is holding, too: the Millers are contemplating leaving the area.

The Mother of the Boy who was burned says that "he was called every racial slur you can imagine," such as "honkey," "cracker," "whitey," and "guero" (a Spanish slang term for whites that can be used in a derogatory way). He was, she reports, pushed into lockers and was jumped in the bathroom. And even before the recent attack, he was sometimes menaced by groups that would follow him part of the way home.

Even more damning, though, is that multiple educators were complicit in the harassment. Mrs. Coon related an incident in which a teacher she identifies as Ms. Carla Kinder called Allen "Casper" and then "got all the students to get involved." Other times, the students would initiate the harassment, and the teachers would pick up the baton. "They would tease him; people would make fun of him, and they'd chime in," said Coon.

Then, as the Wildeisen girls report, as Ashley Miller reports, there were the race-baiting films. Said Mrs. Coon, "They showed a lot of racial movies. And people would make comments -- lots of comments -- especially at him [Allen], during these things."

And Coon's experience with the local police hasn't been much better. Listening to her testimony I got the feeling that K.C. law enforcement didn't want the arrest and prosecution of two black youths on a hate-crime charge, possibly for fear of the "powder keg." Perhaps this is a job for the DOJ's Civil Rights Division. Oh, yeah, Eric Holder.

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