Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Andre Carson (D-IN):

New Muslim miscreant on the block

Get ready for more of such Islamist lunatics and their toxic ideology being elected to public office by the weak-minded, the stupid and the cowardly.And of course, once in public office, with what they say and do being covered sympathetically by an agenda-driven, complicit media – that also happens to be weak-minded, stupid and cowardly – these ‘moderate-American’’ Muslims begin their process of insinuating their ‘stealthy-to-violent’ ideology into the mainstream of American politics. Our schools should be modeled after Islam’s Madrassas schools? Blacks hanging from trees? Really?

Whereas when Keith Ellison was elected several years back and swore his oath to uphold the Constitution with his hand on a copy of the Koran – the weak-minded, stupid and cowardly thought little of it and let it slide. He was assigned to a Congressional Committee chaired by then Congressman Ron Klein (FL-22). When asked to explain why this overtly anti-American reprobate was permitted to sit on his Committee, Klein responded that he’d vetted Ellison and made the determination that there was no reason why he shouldn’t serve on the Committee. And, that was that. Ellison then had the advantage of a national megaphone to begin spouting his Muslim mumbo-jumbo and begin the process of attempting to legitimize this ideology that is the antithesis of our Constitution. It opened the door to the Muslimifcation by ideological inculcation, bribery and intimidation, of the Congressional Branch of our Federal Government.

Now comes the latest disciple of the Devil, Andre Carson (D-IN), a certifiable lunatic of Islamist ideology in the guise of a mild-mannered American Muslim, elected by ‘the people’. Right out of the starting gate, he began his predictable program of hate, deception, lies, blasphemy, anti-minority, anti-free speech, anti-free enterprise and anti-Constitution rhetoric and profane pronouncements. It is predictable and despicable and of course, blatantly anti-American. But so what? We are in today’s ObamaCAIR America, where the preceding 236 years of this successful ‘Great Experiment’ have been cast aside by a president and administration with absolutely no history of governing and a zero record of accomplishment. And now, that inept team is in the process of purposely transforming our nation into an awful amalgam of tyrannical dictatorship that reflects the horrors of Stalin’s USSR Communism, Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the bloodthirsty lunatics of Islam that date back to the Seventh Century. The very survival of our Liberty and way of life is being threatened. And as usual, the weak-minded, the stupid and the cowardly are looking the other way.

The Presidential election will determine in November 2012, whether this toxic wave of outright lunacy and corruption-ridden Democrat leadership will have the next four years to complete the destruction of the United States of America, or not. The ‘something-for-nothing’ crowd of free-loaders can be counted on to support Obama. The morally corrupt leadership of SEIU, NEA and most other unions can be counted on to throw their millions to Obama. The anti-American thugs of radical Islam and ‘moderate Muslims’ can be counted on to support one of their own, Barack Hussein Obama. And of course there are the weak-minded, the stupid and the cowardly who follow the music of the Pied-Piper mainstream media – count on them to support Obama for their own self-centered reasons.

That leaves just us, Folks, to defend our nation. Well, you wouldn’t know it from all the clamor of B.S. that you read and hear from the complicit media BUT, there are actually, more of us than there are of ‘them’. We know that we can count on shenanigans at the Polls by Democrats and the other afore-mentioned anti-American forces so, we must re-double our effort to get out the Conservative-Save-Our-Nation vote. Republicans, Libertarians, freedom-loving Americans – we’ve got to mobilize against the entrenched bad guys who are at this moment, in control of our future. It’s up to us. Let’s get on with it.


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