Friday, July 27, 2012

With friends like these . . .

If Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are Israel’s best friends – what does that make the Liberal Jews in this country who adore them? I’ll answer that one for you: It makes them friends of their enemies. Now, what in hell kind of sense does that make?

It strikes me that when people refer to Jews as, ‘God’s Chosen People’, there is just a bit of irony in that. Certainly, there is a preponderance of members of the Jewish faith who try to live their lives according to the admonishments chiseled into the stone tablet of the Ten Commandments. But, there are those – and I include all Jews who hew to the Democrat Party B.S. and who swallow hook, line and sinker the lies and distortions of fact that are part and parcel of Progressivism in this country – these are the Jews with whom I take strong issue..

The legions of clueless or careless (does it matter, which?) Jews in this region of Florida – those in particular who follow in lock-step the corrupted preaching of their Leftist Rabbis, are way off the track. Those who learned to imitate those onerous sucking sounds by closely following the example of then Congressman Robert Wexler, Bill Clinton’s Number One ‘suck-up’ – are obviously, still partaking in that vile practice.

Followers of Wexler and his hand-picked, suck-cessor stooge Ted Deutch, have only themselves to blame for the corrosive results of their folly. “J”Streeters and those who subscribe either knowingly or blindly to this effort to emasculate Israel are complicit in this most heinous crime against legitimate Jewry. It is easy to side with Democrat ‘Progressives’ from the warmth, comfort and security enjoyed by contemporary Jewish-American citizens who think of themselves as avant garde thinkers.

Unfettered exposure to the affluence of the good life since they attended a Liberal university in this land of plenty, has worked to anesthetize a sense of reality in far too many of our ‘Chosen People’. They evidently feel as if they can join-in the currently fashionable movement to neutralize the sovereign State of Israel, without consequences to themselves. Sorry Kids, that ain’t the way it works. Those who join in this game will find themselves in the company of Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Fascists and thugs of radical Islam. And if and when they look for the EXIT sign, they’ll find that there isn’t one. How’s that grab ya, Dudes?

I repeat – with best friends like Obama and Hillary – with friends like these . . .


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