Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Obama’s back-door diplomacy

When it comes to diplomacy, this president has displayed all the charm and finesse of a Chicago street thug Community Organizer gone wild, on steroids.

No president in the history of the United States has ever intentionally alienated our traditional allies and actively sought to curry favor with our sworn enemies in advance of challenges to our sovereignty. That is, until Barack Hussein Obama came onto the scene. He is different .

We’ve had our share of bunglers in the White House. We’ve had ‘Progressives’. We’ve had a couple of dim bulbs. We’ve had a few that were less than ‘ept’ (that would be, inept). But, until Obama, we’ve never had a president who hates this nation and the Constitution upon which it was founded – that document that guarantees our liberty and those enumerated individual freedoms that makes our system of government different from all others. One cannot trust anything he says but on the other hand, one cannot deny the intent of his actions. His actions speak disgustingly, for themselves.

Beginning with his unbelievably outrageous, openly disrespectful treatment on the occasion of the first visit by the Prime Minister of Great Britain, including the insult of returning that nation’s gift of the bust of Winston Churchill – this president has appeared to relish, indeed to wallow in his power to alienate our allies.

His treatment of Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu stands as the absolute lowest point in the diplomatic history of this nation. Obama’s overt disrespect was planned. He had Israel’s top diplomat brought into the White House by the back door. He not only didn’t treat this nation’s guest in the manner reserved for heads-of-state, that would include a State Dinner – he intentionally let Netanyahu cool his heels, making him wait until it became obvious that this was an intended slight, Then, he met only briefly with our nation’s guest before leaving unceremoniously, to go upstairs to the President’s residence to have a private dinner with his family. This brand of rudeness and purposeful snubbery has never seen its like in any records of presidential behavior that I’ve ever read..

Now, here’s my question – to which of course, I already know the answer:

Will Egypt’s newly-‘elected’ head-of-state, Mohammed Morsi, of the ‘peace-loving’ Muslim Brotherhood, who is a renowned Islamo-terrorist, receive the same treatment as did Israel’s top diplomat, Netanyahu? Who are we kidding?

Of course not. What we’ll see is this blood-thirsty, hate-filled sworn enemy of both Israel and the United States, treated as if he were the return of the 15th Imam, with all the bells and whistles that Obama’s White House and Hillary’s State Department can provide.’ The President’s Own’ (The USMC Military Band) is probably deep into rehearsal, learning the ‘Tunes of Glory’ that hark back to the seventh century and the glory days at the inception of this lunacy that is touted as the religion of peace . This current mob calling itself the Muslim Brotherhood, is in reality, just the most recent advent of this extremely dangerous cult of cut-throats who pride themselves in their pursuance of the blood-thirsty practices of Shariah, a tightly-controlled way of life that glorifies violence and murder in the name of its founder.

There are dozens of similar Islamist hate-groups, all sharing the same errant mentality and all employing similar tactics of mayhem. They organize themselves into a multitude of hateful terrorist bands using different names so they can all enjoy playing the perverse game of, ‘Catch me if you can’. They are devious, deceptive and diabolical.

And now, the top cut-throat ‘President’ of Egypt, is being welcomed into the most sacrosanct symbol of the President’s seat of power, our own People’s House – The White House – by our Apologist-in-chief, our Kow-Tow er-in-Chief, our Muslim-in-Chief, our Coward-in-Chief , Barack Hussein Obama.

“Come in, Mohammed Morsi, we’ve been waiting for you”.

Way to go, Obama. One can only surmise that your diplomatic prowess derives directly from the careful tutelage you received at hands of your mentors at the Chicago School of Street Thuggery, where you majored in ‘Diplomacy 101’ . And obviously, that is where you learned to keep your friends close, and our enemies closer.

In November, the legitimate citizens of the United States plus, a few million illegals, will have the opportunity to vote on four more years of your unique style of patriotism and your very special brand of diplomacy, Mr. President.

In January 2013 after the Inauguration of Mitt Romney, when you leave the White House for the last time hopefully, please use the back door And, don’t forget to close it behind you.

On second thought, don’t bother to close it – just leave.


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