Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Democrat Actresses Support Obama After Infanticide and Racism Against Whites?

This moron Eva Longoria props all the racists. She was all over promoting racist professor gates like he was the Messiah. Now this dirtbag eva longorida props up the most racist President since Woodrow Wilson. Despicable, that’s what you are Eva Longoria. She is Trashing a good man, Mitt Romney, simply because he is white and has created jobs. Eva Longoria is just pond scum

Scarlett Johansson wouldn’t know a cancer screening from a screening of a Misogynist movie from Bill Maher. These lowlife Democrat women trash Republicans and stick up for all the women haters and women beaters of the democrat party. So if Scarlett Johansson wants to continue being a racist and backing the old KKK party, well than be ready for a for verbal assault.

Kerry Washington is just an idiot who wants to stay in chains with the Democrat Party. Hey Kerry Washington, wake the heck up and listen to Allen West and Bishop Jackson. Instead of being a pawn for the vile Democrats, get off the plantation. You have your own money, so get your own life. Stop spreading lies about Mitt Romney and republicans.

Where were these scumbag Democrat women when Bill Clinton was accused of rape or when chris brown beat down that so-called singer? Instead these vile democrat women spend millions that could feed the poor. However these lowlifes democrat women don’t want to lose their power hanging at the White House with the most Anti-American President of all time.

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1 comment:

FemaleVote said...

Someone should tell the idiot female Longoria that she would be nothing if it weren't for her looks. What instances of Romney's misogyny has she cited? Perhaps she should speak of her ex-husband's misogyny...oh wait, he's a minority, so that couldn't be. She's a disgrace to other women, not Romney. He has provided for his family & I haven't heard any scandals about him being a sexist, as her ex-husband clearly is.