Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where’s The Outrage?

I’m totally frustrated at the so-called leadership of this country.
This is the 11th anniversary of the most costly attack on our sovereignty in this nation’s history and apparently with few exceptions, our elected representatives are hiding under their desks counting their campaign funds and votes.  Where’s the outrage?

TV coverage is full of talking heads relating the details of that event and touting acts of heroism and personal courage but, where is the outrage at the perpetrators?  Where are the spokesmen for this Administration and spokesmen from the Congress, talking about the span of eleven years since that disgusting attack on our people and property and what retaliatory measures have been taken?  I’ve heard none.

Other than Obama taking undeserved  personal credit for dispatching Bin Laden, where is there anything coming from this overbloated government that purports to be retaliation for this egregious crime against our humanity?  Is a half-hearted effort to withhold some of the aid and comfort given to Iran really expected to get those bastards to stop preparing to blow Israel off the map?  Are such meaningless sanctions intended to show the strength and will of this Administration?  Does anyone care if we here in the USA are being put at such risk?  It is shameful that our elected officials are looking the other way.    

What is proven beyond all doubt by this dereliction of duty on the part of Obama and his radical Islamist followers, is that there is a genuine hatred for this country and our allies that emanates from the President’s desk in the Oval Office of the People’s House, The White House.  It is blatant and it is obscene.

Where is the outrage?  Is Harry Reid outraged?  Is Nancy Pelosi outraged?  Is anyone on the Joint Chiefs of Staff outraged?  Is anyone at the CIA outraged?  Is anyone in the FBI outraged?  Is anyone at the NSA outraged?  And most egregious and truly treasonous - - is anyone in the mainstream media outraged? The media is complicit in the avoidance of coverage of the real danger we are in.  The Fourth Estate is a huge part of the problem.  Where is the outrage?  Where is the courage?  Where are the people with balls?  Where are the Americans who will stand up and stop this idiocy?  Where are the veterans organizations who will shout and scream about the terrible danger in which this administration has placed our best and brightest in our military?  Who is concerned about these people except their families and friends? 

Where are our representatives in Congress and at the Supreme Court.  Is everyone so isolated, so politically correct, so self-centered and so cowardly that we have no one to express the outrage?  Meanwhile, the Dept. of Homeland Security (what a misnomer) is stocking up on hollow-point ammo – for target practice of course.  Who could imagine that they are preparing to maintain civil order against those extremist Patriots who have the temerity to band together in Tea Party groups all across this country, in protest against this tyrannical president and his Socialist, Communist, Marxist clan of anti-Americans

Again I ask:       WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?         

MORT KUFF © 9-11-2012

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