Friday, October 5, 2012

Rudy Giuliani Exposes Ignorant MSNBC Liberals

Rudy Giuliani Exposes Ignorant MSNBC Liberals After 2012 Presidential Debate

Vile, disgusting Liberals think this Video exposes Rudy Giuliani? This Video exposes the stupidity of MSNBC Liberals. The MSNBC Liberals are low class and hate America. They would rather spit on “Rich People” than to provide Poor People with jobs. Do you notice how vile Liberals always change the amount needed to be Rich? One day Obama wants to tax People making over $1 Million. The next day Barry Soetoro wants to tax Rich People making over $750k. Then we hear Barry Obama wanting to grill, rape and tax anyone making over $250,000.

Who do the Liberals, especially the low class and ignorant ones at MSNBC, hate America so much?

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