Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do You Feel The Draft?

While William Jefferson Clinton was known as the "Blow Job In-chief" of the Oval Office, Barack Hussein Obama is the blow job in chief of the golf links.

He has blown the economy. He has blown our prestige around the world. He has blown individual enterprise. He has blown small business incentive. He has blown the housing market. He has blown the budget. Her has blown our foreign policy. He has blown private sector labor. He has blown health care. He has blown international respect. He blew it in his promise to close Guantanamo and he blew it on the first presidential debate.

Unlike Willie, he's taken it one step further by screwing America and our Judeo/Christian heritage, the fiber of our Constitution and traditions, which he means to destroy and replace with his world vision of equality by sparking a class war; distributing the wealth of the productive and spreading it to the non-contributors of society.

His blow jobs are more then a breeze, reaching hurricane force!

Conservative commentary form George Giftos

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