Monday, October 29, 2012

OBAMA, Friend to Israel? I don’t think so!

Among American Jews in general but among South Florida’s Jewish population in particular, there is widely divided opinion on the question of whether or not President Obama is a friend to Israel.

While centuries old Jew-hating peoples concentrated mostly in Central Europe, invariably attribute a solidarity mindset to Jews worldwide, that is a fallacy and is far from the truth. When it comes to the question at hand, we find there are two distinct and widely separated viewpoints regarding the relationship between this President and Israel. Israel and America’s Jewish population are often considered as one entity. Of course, that is always proven to be a mistaken idea.

One segment of the American Jewish population considers their own fate and that of Israel to be integral to each other and morally binding, ‘til death do us part’. To members of this persuasion, Israel and its issues are at the top of their prioritized concerns.

The other segment considers themselves somewhat more remotely-related to Israel except for the common religion and cultural heritage they share. Those who are more comfortable in the company of this second group willingly acknowledge their rich cultural association with the Jews in Israel . And for the most part, they are quick to tout their love of the land of Israel. The difference is, they subscribe to a more globalistic view in which for them, Middle East politics take on the dominant role. The latter is the ‘progressive’ position of the group calling themselves, “J Street”.

No one disputes the right of an American Jew to think as he or she will regarding the State of Israel. Everyone is free to express their own feelings about Israel’s unique relationship to the United States . Or, their views about that tiny nation’s precarious position in the deadly chess game being played out daily in the Middle East.

After choosing sides and staking out one’s comfort zone, it is inevitable that the final judgment regarding Obama’s true feelings about Israel boils down to – ‘Is Obama a friend to Israel, or not?’ Given his unspeakable treatment of PM Netanyahu and his track record of pinching off military and diplomatic support at every opportunity over the past four years, plus, his snide remarks to foreign officials when he thinks he is out of earshot - the answer is a resounding ‘NO’. Obama is not a friend to Israel. Does anyone seriously think that would change with a green light to four more years? Not me. I don’t think so.


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