Friday, February 1, 2013

An Open Letter to: President Barack HUSSEIN Obama

You, your idol Sol Alinsky and that nest of vipers you call your Administration –

get the hell out of my life!

Keep your grubby hands out of my pocket and stop spending money we don’t have.

And, stop trying to remake this country that I love, into your ideological concept of some form of a Marxist / Communist / Socialist La La Land.. What you are trying to re-create is a tyrannical system of government that has failed miserably, every time one of your pathological predecessor ideologues has tried to resuscitate this stupid concept. Don’tcha get it? You are just the latest in a line of loonies who have tried this stupidity. Are you really so thick?

Stop flying Air Force One around the world just to make embarrassingly incoherent statements. Stop emasculating our military. Just because you are a moral coward, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t brave, patriotic men and women who are voluntarily serving in our Armed Forces to preserve, protect and defend all that is good in America. Stop doing everything you can to screw up the best country in the history of mankind.

Stop trying to make this nation over in the image of the cult of blood-thirsty barbarians that was spawned back in the seventh century. That isn’t who we are and it isn’t who we want to be. In other words, sit down, shut up and get the hell out of our lives.

You are not a genius, you are not a leader, you are not even intelligent. You haven’t the slightest concept of how the free-enterprise system works. All you know is how to do is create chaos and rubble. You are a Chicago street thug - and that’s all you are. Do not confuse the Something-for-Nothing crowd who re-elected you, with real Americans. You are not a real American and they are not real Americans. You are a racist and they are sadly, clueless followers of a racist, who preaches class warfare, non-stop.

Real Americans love this country. Real Americans honor, respect and love our flag. And, they love the Constitution of the United States as it was originally written. It is called ‘original intent’. It made sense in 1776 and it still makes sense, big time. We don’t need to change The Constitution. It is a perfect document that was conceived by our Founders and has been handed down through our history, for each generation to absorb, understand and live by. It is not, ‘Rules for Radicals’.
It is rather, ‘A statement of human Liberty’.

No, we do not need to change The Constitution; we need to honor it. And most importantly, we need to hire principled people who can read - and will read – and understand this perfect document.

What we didn’t need and what we don’t need, is a president who misinterprets The Constitution because he is trying to fulfill the dreams of a Father who was full of hate. A Father who was an avowed Socialist and an off-the-wall anti-Colonialist. That’s psycho-lunacy and sadly, it runs in the family.

Real Americans know and understand our history and the importance of leading ethical, honest, principled lives. Real Americans understand the values of human decency and they maintain those values through the practice of their individual faiths and through constant personal communication with their maker.

Having been raised in a succession of dysfunctional family environments and influenced by a succession of guardians who were all malcontents and followers of Socialism, Marxism, Islam and Communism, it is understandable that you are so clueless about what makes our nation tick.

You are inexperienced in any of the things that are essential requirements of leadership. You have nothing in your background that has prepared you to lead. You are one big pile of negative qualities – with one notable exception - you can read a Teleprompter. However, with all your vaunted but undocumented ‘higher education’, you are so unfamiliar with commonly-accepted definitions in the English language and so unfamiliar with military terminology, that you could read and repeatedly refer to Navy medics as ‘corpse men’. That is pathetic. And, in a President – unacceptable.

You are a phony. You are a masquerade. You are toxic to our freedoms and extremely hazardous to our traditionally happy outlook. You are a pessimist, a petty individual and a certifiable Narcissist. We sure as hell don’t need that combination of sub-standard characteristics to be leading us down a fast track to oblivion. But, that’s what we are obliged to deal with, thanks to Democrat Party voter fraud and the grossly stupid segment of our population that has somehow, lost touch with the work ethic that made America great. You’ve turned optimism into pessimism. And, you have nurtured a population of slobbering dependents, swilling at the trough of Government largess. Thanks a lot.

You are a delusional blob of putrid protoplasm without the possibility of either a cure or redemption. You are bad news.Let me put this as gently as I can . . .


MORT KUFF © 2-1-2013

This editorial is from the MORT’s meanderings collection.

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