Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hillary Joins Speaker’s Group

According to a breaking news story today that sweeps all lesser events off the front pages, St.Hillary has joined a Speaker’s group and is expected to command six-figure honorariums for her hot air blasts.

Frankly my dears, I’d pay six-figures to avoid viewing the overstuffed figure she’ll be waddling up to podiums all across America.  And, I’d pay another six-figures to avoid listening to the limousine-loads of tripe that will be spewed forth by sicko-fantz who will have the dubious honor of preceding her overstuffed figure, with obscenely overstuffed introductions.

And, one more thing regarding Hillary’s overstuffed figure - - ‘She did build that’.

MORT KUFF © 2-19-2013

P.S.  I do try so hard to be kind to the ’accomplishment challenged’.  Alas, sometimes I fail.

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