Monday, February 18, 2013

2 Obama Voters Invade Home and Kill Unarmed Homeowner

Miami 'Super Dad' dies protecting His daughter, 11 years old, during home invasion from Obama Supporters

Miami, Florida - These 2 Obama voters killed the unarmed man, these 2 lowlife obama supports were trying to get into the room of an 11 year old girl. Yes, that’s right Feinstein and other despicable democrats, these two animals were armed and the middle class Family was not and look who died. The unarmed, legal Resident died and the two vile obama voters continue to destroy families. The Florida Home Insurance does not protect against these animals and vile Holder and Barry soetoro want your guns.

The Middle class are not be able to protect themselves financially from obama’s polices now. If you look at the gun control laws that are being talked about, all stem from nutjobs who will eventually tale all guns. The cowards like eric holder, Dianne Feinstein and barry obamas want to take guns from the Legal Gun owners and allow the obama voters to wreak havoc on America. This poor man was a Hero and he should be remembered that way as he stood up to these two disgusting obama supporters.

This is just one recent report of the illegal gun owners taking over our country while Democrats scream about taking Guns from Legal Gun Owners. Miami Dade County Police say two heavily armed men fatally shot a homeowner, a real hero, as he tried to protect his precious daughter during a home invasion from these two obama supporters, aka disgusting Home Invader.

The incident happened late Tuesday night in Miami., Florida The father, identified as Maurice Harris, 36, got into a struggle with the suspects when they tried to gain entry into his 11-year-old daughter's bedroom, police told The father was fatally shot in the struggle.

There were no other reports of injuries. The suspects, aka Obama Voters, aka Home Invasion scumbags, were described as black males.

Miami police spokeswoman Kenia Reyes said it appears the men were trying to rob the home.
"We call these two men beasts. These men are beasts," Reyes told the Miami Herald. "They storm inside the house. A little girl was asleep when she was surprised by the gunfire. The father was just trying to protect her."

Annie Streeter, the victim's mother-in-law, said the men held Harris' wife at gunpoint during the invasion. Relatives said that's when Harris fought back and kept the intruders from entering the room of his 11-year-old daughter.
"One of the guys tried to get to his daughter's room, he jumped up and they were fighting back and forth," Streeter told "I guess that's when the gun went off."

Neighbors are hailing Harris a hero. "Unfortunately, he died but he's super dad," Terry Jones told the station. "I hope I have that much courage if something like that would've happened to me."

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