Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson Addresses Racist Bob Beckel and other Liberal Drones

Dr. Ben Carson Blast The ObamaCare Disaster and Stands Up To Democrat Bullies

The racist Liberals come out in droves when a Conservative who happens to be Black comes out and tells the Truth. Of course one of the first out of the gate is this filthy animal, Bob Beckel. This slob, Bob beckel has attacked Allen West and now Dr. Ben Carson.

The scumbag bob beckel can’t handle the truth about “Death Panels” in obamacare. Instead the racist liberals want to deny obamacare is already destroying America.

All these racist and disgusting Liberals said nothing about allowing barry Obama Soetoro into the national Prayer Breakfast in the first place. The most racist President since Woodrow Wilson voted and wanted babies to be put in a utility room to die alone.
That’s right you lowlife, bob beckel, your hero barry obama has done considerable damage to babies and the future of this country.

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