Sunday, February 10, 2013

MORT’s meanderings

I rust my case.

I present the case against the tyranny of Barack Hussein Obama and his ‘nest of vipers’ who are gaining traction every day in the process of choking off our individual freedoms, one by one.  Criminal.

I present the case against the nomination of inept misfits for high positions of power in our Government by Barack Hussein Obama – and the case against the useful idiots in the 113th Congress who vote for such misfits in their willingness to go-along in order to get-along.   And of course, I present the case against the misfits, themselves. Shameful.

I present the case against all the piss-poor excuses for patriotic citizens of this country, who keep themselves ignorant to the world around them by watching CNN as their main source of dis-information.  Disgusting.

I present the case against the hoards of criminal invaders who daily violate our borders -  in particular, our border with Mexico.  And worst of all, I present the cases against Barack Hussein Obama (Miscreant-in-Chief), Eric Holder (faux Attorney General) and Janet Napolitano (fauxny mis-Director of the Homeland Security Department) – all of whom continue to avoid doing their sworn duty to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the physical security of the citizens of this nation.  Unconscionable.

I present the case against the millions of undeserving leeches currently residing within our borders, who are eager to ‘game the system’ in pursuit of ‘something-for-nothing’, providing them with generous benefits that are paid for by honest, hard-working tax payers.  I present the case against extended benefits for the leeches among us.  Awful.

I present the case against Barack Hussein Obama for his over-use of the Narcissistic terms - ‘I, Me, My’ in his endless speeches.  (i.e., “I ordered my Department of Largess to . . .”)   And, for his egregious habit of starting a sentence with, “We all agree that . .”    We all certainly do not all agree.    Most irritating.

I present the case against a Media-gone-Mild *  that is so unethically, totally in the tank for Obama that it is inextricably complicit in support of his ideological, Socialist agenda.  The so-called ‘Fourth Estate’ has since the founding of this nation, served as the faithful watchdog of governmental excess and sniffer-out of wrong-doing by our duly-elected representatives.  Sadly, such is no longer the case.  The credo of this current crop of lazy reporters and twisted journalists seems to be:  ‘Betrayal of Our Sacred Trust R Us’.  Hideously  immoral.

I present the case against all the sickos in the print press, the radio jocks and the TV talking hairdo’s who pride themselves on taking ‘the opposite viewpoint, meaning ‘Ultra-left Liberal and vociferously advocating for Social Justice’ - just for argument’s sake’.   That is always annoying to the extreme however, it is precisely such rude and uncivil  arguing about a trumped-up, perceived  controversy that is the bread & butter of ‘Talk Radio’ and ‘Chewing gum-for-the-eyes-&-ears’ TV.  It is what drives them.     It’s ugly.

I present the case against  - - - -  oh, I could go on but at this point - - I rust my case.

MORT KUFF   © 1-30-2013

* ’Media-gone-Mild’ is my copyrighted phrase and I love it.  You may use it but, please provide attribution -  
  at least, the first five times you use it.  Cheers.

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