Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Open Letter To Barry Soetoro

Please read his great Open Letter to Barry Soetero.
It was written during the Somalia Pirate Crisis. I have been mentioning the past few weeks, that it should be about time Soetero apologizes to the Pirates. Was the big, bad American Military too hard on the Radical Islamic Pirates?

An Open Letter To Barry Soetoro:

I am a citizen of the United States of America, natural born, and proud to call myself an American.

Today I write to you to convey simple, clear, and direct thoughts to you on the day you’ve chosen to cower before all of Islam.

You are the elected civilian commander-in-chief of the greatest military ever to put its boots on the ground. Yet you choose to shame its legacy and, by default, every fruit earned with blood and treasure in our Name.

It is clear to me that your own shame is the reason for the season of your discontent toward our military, a dedicated body of our own citizens devoted to duty, honor, and our Nation– the defense of which knows no bounds.

You have never served anybody but yourself. Our military is the essence of service to others, no matter the human flaws it may demonstrate, suffer, or perpetuate: I for one am in awe of our men and women under arms and the service they have performed since our founding over 200 years ago.

Without our military doing what it had to do in the past century, your precious Indonesia and your temporary home in Hawaii would have been dominated by the brutal feudal traditions of Japan.

You have not a sense of gratitude for how different your own life would have been without Leathernecks, Airmen, Navy men and women, and Army sacrifices.

You have never served anybody but yourself.

And this is a source of shame for any human being, whether it is acknowledged inside themselves or not. You know the truth. You look at abundant military presence in Washington D.C. and you know you cannot do justice to the salutes coming your way.

You see the polished brass, the executive skills developing daily among military staff and liaison officers, the poise and precision of any member of the Joint Chiefs— a lifetime of dedication to the Flag and the blood patriots past, a willingness to endure anything served to them by a vast chain of command from whence they rose by paying costly dues— you see this tradition and you know you don’t measure up, cannot hold a candle to, and don't even know how to polish your own shoes as these warriors can do in their sleep.

You have never served anybody but yourself.

And now, you have an opportunity to be selfless as commander-in-chief of the once standing young soldier felled by a follower of Islam, by a vindictive, pre-meditated bullet round.

You have failed him, his family, and our Country as you preen and prance before your false idol of Islam. Your actions curse our Nation with your shame. A lost little boy in a very big chair, an immature college kid who cut a deal to run the big show. An impostor who has abdicated his responsibilities to respond with the full martial resource at his disposal against the perverse distortion of a religion into a metastizing political cancer called Islam.

The Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America is obligated to send a stark and searing message to Islam today: Do Not Tread on Me.

A real Commander-In-Chief would have the Somali coast lit up and left in ruins in response to the trafficking in terrorist training that led to this pre-meditated act of war on US soil. A real Commander-in-Chief would initiate drone attacks over Yemen to once and for all kill the trainers who hide in mosques, without one solitary consideration about what world opinion or the rancid snake pit UN would say in response.

A real Commander-in-Chief orders the death of our enemies when we are attacked. Your predecessor whom you chide was a real Commander-in-Chief at great personal cost. Lincoln was a real Commander-In-Chief at great personal cost far beyond your foolish and juvenile standing, making even the ultimate sacrifice for his country.

Your shame will keep you from doing nothing but groveling in a suit before the Lords of Islam. You never left Islam. You practice Islam in your deceitful ways.

You disgrace life by embracing your precious Islam, Barry Soetoro. You disgrace the present day aspirations of our Nation to continue influencing the course of the world in the way that we were meant to.

But a disgrace can only disgrace. Carry on, Mr. President. In the end, and your Presidency will end, you will have to look your commanders in the eyes and beg them— and you will beg because you do not realize they live to serve this Nation— to save your sorry ass.

It was once said by one of Rome’s greatest generals: “What we do in Life, echoes in eternity.”

Now, have your DHS Poster Child put me on the list.

Allegedly from:
Anthony J. Chavez
Independent Conservative American

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