Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Don't Need a Weathervane...

Why do the American TAX PAYERS (the People most hated by Obama & Chicago Thugs) have to pay one red cent for the Global Warming Religion? This is just another way for BIG BROTHER, the Government to grow and take over our lives completely. What if a Republican President pushed his Religion on the World and made us pay for it? Barry Soetero brought up his other Religion (As the son of the Muslim father, Barry Obama was born a Muslim under Muslim law as it is universally understood), Global Warming while picking up his Cracker Jack Trophy.

This portion below is by Laura Ingraham
The reports out of Copenhagen get more absurd by the day. Basically the climate change summit is one big fat green excuse for a party. The U.S. taxpayers are shelling out millions for scores of Obama Administration officials to hob-knob with the eco-nuts. Case in point: our Interior Secretary Ken Salazaar who was last seen on a boat clinking wine glasses with Big Wind (companies that have bet huge money on the coming wind revolution). The Obama folks are scrambling to establish eco-cred with European elites, and Salazaar is part of this pr effort.

Yet in the real world, we see that these press-fleshing campaigns only go so far. The fact is, America's influence around the world has diminished (and especially vis a vis our banker China) because of our dire debt level and overall economic weakness. The Los Angeles Times is reporting: "The United States' special climate envoy, Todd Stern, urged China to honor its pledge to reduce its carbon emissions and to include that commitment in an international climate change agreement. China's chief climate negotiator, Yu Qingtai, not only rejected the idea, he also criticized the U.S. for failing to provide financial aid to developing countries and reduce its own emissions of harmful gases."

The Obama Administration is either supremely arrogant or shockingly out of touch to think its charm offensive in Copenhagen will do anything beyond blow more taxpayer money.
By Laura Ingraham

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