Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'Good King Barry' Soetero

Enjoy the dedicated Rap for Barry Soetero, the King and WORK CAMP Leader.
Will Michelle, the fist bumper, be Queen of the re-education camp?
When Ben Nelson and Howard Dean went to re-education camp, did they bow to Michelle Obama and Bill Ayers?

Written portion below by Tom Riley

Good King Barry O. looked out at the private sector.

"Of your riches have no doubt I am a collector.

Didn't I lay hands on banks and on auto makers?

Your objections from the ranks are not health deal breakers.

"Pay off Landrieu! Nelson too! Harry, do my bidding!

Lieberman and all the crew! Harry, I'm not kidding!

Once our sixty votes are there, then I am successful.

For the losers, I don't care if their lives are stressful.

"Let M.D.'s go beg their bread once I've fixed their wages!

Why should doctors get ahead? Let them now by stages

be reduced to dogs and swine subject to my ruling!

Let their former wealth be mine! Harry, lad, I'm drooling!

"I remember smart-ass guys from my days in college.

They strove to internalize scientific knowledge.

They got into med school then, hoped for futures glowing.

Now they're hopeless nerds again. They don't feel so knowing.

"I have worked the miracle that the Clintons couldn't.

I shall load my coffers full. Never say I shouldn't.

Since I'm stealing fair and square, spare me condemnation.

Fortune favors those who dare push their legislation!

"Next let's go for cap and trade! We shall make a killing.

Harry, do not be afraid: larceny is thrilling.

Let's get busy! Look alive! Don't attempt defection.

We both know you won't survive next year’s dire election."

By Tom Riley

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