Friday, December 11, 2009

Wake up! Isn't time for a Moratorium on immigration?

Below is a well written piece on illegal immigrants.
A Moratorium is smart not just for the economy but also for our safety. Why let more illegal immigrants into the lifeboat than the lifeboat can sustain? Letting Muslims into our country when their religion's political ideology is contradictory and hostile to our country and our way of life is just insane! We continue to allow illegal immigrants to take jobs that Americans need and want. These are future voters for the Thugs like Obama. ACORN will get the illegals to vote for sick Liberals, all the while destroying their own Family's future.

Written by Ralph Alter

While the Obama administration's approach to boosting employment for Americans in the face of the highest unemployment in decades remains tethered to magical thinking and slippery accounting tactics designed to inflate the number of actual jobs created or saved by B.O., a group of 10 Republican congressman has come up with a sensible approach sure to increase the employment of American citizens.

Virgil Goode at provides the group's statement, quoting from a letter being circulated by Lamar Smith (R-TX) and signed by 21 conservative congressmen:

"With a 10 percent unemployment rate, now is the time for the Obama administration to stand up for citizens and legal immigrant workers. Now is the time for the President to enforce immigration laws. When the jobs stolen by illegal immigrants are recovered for citizens and legal workers, American workers will benefit. President Obama could create eight million jobs for citizens and legal workers simply by enforcing immigration laws."

The influx of one million illegal immigrants annually, in addition to the 125,000 combined permanent and temporary work visas issued monthly by the federal government are displacing needy American citizens from the workplace. Mr. Goode echoes the Congressional testimony of Roy Beck from Numbers USA and his call for an immigration moratorium. They suggest that we:

"cut the 75,000 (permanent work visas issued) each month as close to zero as possible as long as the overall U-3 unemployment rate remains above, say, 5%?...The numbers demand the introduction of legislation to suspend the issuance of as many permanent work visas as possible during this Jobs Depression."

Last week the Census Bureau released statistics indicating that currently more than 16% of the American workforce is foreign-born. Compare that figure to the 5% of foreign-born workers tallied when Ted Kennedy's 1965 Immigration Act was passed.

Clearly the results of Kennedy's earlier "cause of his life" have been an unmitigated disaster for the American work force, and for our crime rate and health care system. It's clearly time for a moratorium on immigration until Americans can right our leaking financial ship.

By Ralph Alter

A few days after this Post above, there was a massive bust of illegals.
Hundreds of people are under arrest following a massive sweep aimed at suspected illegal immigrants with criminal records.

More than 400 agents with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE) along with local law enforcement officers fanned out across California in a three day search for immigrants with criminal histories who are not supposed to be in the United States.

280 suspects with criminal records were arrested in the sweep, another six people who are under deportation orders were also arrested, according to ICE officials. 167 foreign nationals with criminal records were taken into custody in the Southern California area.

More than 80 percent of the people arrested had prior convictions for serious or violent crimes, such as rape by force, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. Also among those arrested were 30 convicted sex offenders, many of whose crimes involved sexual assaults on children.

Will these Officers be put to task by Holder & Obama? Will these Officers lose their jobs and be slandered as Racists?
These PC Liberals are destroying America!

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LFED said...

May 28th, 2010

Obama the traitor
Obama is the most incompetent President in the history of The United States. His BS and making promises of changing Washington corruption has picture this guy as a liar that betray the people that voted for him. He is worse than Bush. Since he took office our national debt is growing every single day, our economic is worse, no jobs, our trade balance has not improve, he is unable to balance the budget, his administration is responsible for the ecological catastrophe in the gulf of Mexico and as of today not solution to stop it. This guy is so full of BS that he is promising 20 million illegal aliens an amnesty; he is so stupid and incompetent that he fail to see what is taken place in our country. Mr Obama will be responsible for the separation of the United States and may be a civil war.
The people of this United States is fed up with lawyers expert in lying and deception that are in office for personal gain and can care less about our country's constitution, our sovereignty or our laws.
Juan Reynoso