Sunday, December 6, 2009

Obama Must Boycott Copenhagen!

Sen. Jim Inhofe comments are what we need right now! What if American Tax Payers were forced to pay for President Nixon to go to a Star Trek Convention? Obama must protest the Copenhagen Fraud Convention. For those of us who really did listen to Soetero's word's when he ran for Office, would remember his support of the Al Gore Frauds.
These Global Warming frauds like Obama, Gore, Boxer and Hollywood Nazis should be forced to pay back the money they stole from their Junk Science. - Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, says it is “dishonest” for President Barack Obama to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen next week to announce that the United States will cap its carbon emissions because legislation to do so has no chance of passing in Congress.

The White House announced on November 26 that Obama will personally attend the climate summit on December 9 and announce there that the U.S. intends by the year 2020 to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions to 17 percent below what they were in 2005. This 17% reduction mirrors the reduction that would be mandated in the United States if the cap-and-trade bill that passed the House by a 219-212 vote on June 26 were enacted into law.

Cap-and-trade legislation has stalled in the Senate, however, and Inhofe told in a video interview this week that he is certain it will not even get a Senate vote during this Congress.

When asked if he predicted that the cap-and-trade bill would not come up for a Senate vote in this Congress, Inhofe said: “Yes, I do. Absolutely. It cannot come up. It won’t come up.”

Inhofe estimated that at this point carbon-capping legislation may have as few as 28 Senate supporters, while sixty votes are needed in the Senate to end debate on a bill and bring it to a final vote.

“They need 60 votes. They’re not even halfway there. And they know this,” Inhofe said of the Senate advocates of carbon-capping legislation.

In light of this, Inhofe said it is “dishonest” of Obama to go to Copenhagen and tell the world that the U.S. will cap carbon emissions.

“I think it is dishonest for him to go,” Inhofe told “I know that’s a strong word. But if he goes, we have seen what he is going to release there. He’s going to say that the United States of America will commit themselves to reducing our CO2 emissions by 17% by the year 2020. Now, that’s essentially the Markey bill--the Waxman-Markley bill that passed--the same targets. And yet he knows when he says that, that we’re not going to pass it.”

The cap-and-trade bill that passed the House in June was sponsored by House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman (D.-Calif.) and Rep. Ed Markey (D.-Mass.), who chairs the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, from Dec. 7 through Dec. 18. More than 190 nations are expected to participate. The original agenda of the conference was to finalize an international climate-change treaty in which the nations of the world would pledge to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to targeted maximum levels. The hypothesis behind the proposed treaty is that if all the nations of the world curtail carbon emissions it will reduce the chances that the planet will catastrophically overheat as a result of human industry.

Last month, at the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Singapore, leaders of some of the key nations that will be attending the Copenhagen summit decided to postpone finalizing a treaty at Copenhagen and instead seek a “politically binding” agreement that would form the basis for a climate-change treaty that would be finalized next year.

“There was an assessment by the leaders that it is unrealistic to expect a full internationally, legally binding agreement to be negotiated between now and Copenhagen, which starts in 22 days,” White House Deputy National Security Adviser Michael Froman told the New York Times on Nov. 15. The Times reported then that a major obstacle to obtaining a treaty at Copenhagen was the fact that the U.S. Congress had not enacted a bill to cap carbon emissions in this country.

Inhofe said that he has done interviews recently with European media outlets that seem not to understand that Obama cannot cap carbon emissions by U.S. industries without securing legislation from Congress.

“There saying: Well, the president says you are going to do this,” said Inhofe. “They don’t understand that the president has to bring something like that in our government system--this is not a king, this is a president--and he has to bring anything like that to Congress,” said Inhofe.

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