Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chairman MAObama's B+???

I knew grade inflation at Ivy League schools was rampant, but Chairman B. Hussein Obama awarding himself a B+ on his first year in office (and, naturally, blaming Bush for not being able to give himself an A+++ with a gold star and a smiley face) is absurd.

Let's review the Administration's "successes" in its first year of office:

•10% unemployment, 15% real unemployment, 3.5 million jobs destroyed.
•Deficit exploded from $400 Billion to $1,400 Billion
•3 million more people on food stamps
•Assembled a cabinet of tax cheats , and an inner circle of radical communists (Van Jones), totalitarian eugenicists (John Holdren), and creepy perverts (Kevin Jennings)
•Went out for ice cream while the Iranian mullahs brutally murdered pro-Democracy demonstrators
•Sided with communist thug tyrants like Chavez and Castro against the free people of Honduras
•Went to China, scraped and bowed, and came back with nothing.
•Went to Copenhagen to pitch for the Olympics and was shot down on the first ballot
•Passed a $787 Billion stimulus that failed to do anything but line the pockets of public employees

If that's what a B+ looks like, what would a C- look like?
Unemployment at 40%? Major cities nuked?
Mel Gibson fighting with bikers in S&M gear?
By a great unknown Writer

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